Specialty Stores: Shivam Indian Spices

Story originally appeared on FoodCary.

Morrisville, NC – With just a little bit of looking, you can find all sorts of grocery stores around the area that offer food and service that are hard to find in other markets. For example, there is the wide array of goods and helpful staff at Shivam Indian Spices on Davis Drive.

Everything For A Big Meal

Shivam Indian Spices carries many ingredients that cooks can use to either put together a traditional Indian meal or incorporate into some gourmet experimentation. There are big bags of staple rice, grains and beans, such as toor and chori. Shivam also carries fish preserved in a variety of ways and meats such as goat and chicken, with halal options available.

But if you are not used to Indian food and want to start working with familiar ingredients, Shivam carries many noodles that mix many different kinds of cultures. For example, theyy carry vermicella, a short Italian noodle, but made from rice more like Chinese noodles.


Shivam also has faloodeh, a Central Asian noodle made from corn starch and frozen syrup that is popular to mix with cold desserts. The store also carries palada, a flattened rice product that is used for many different dishes in Indian cuisine, ranging from dessert to a rich stew.

To go with these core ingredients, Shivam also carries many kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Many are Southern and Eastern Asian groceries, such as salty and savory tindora beans and refreshing muli, also known as a Daikon radish.


Invigorate Your Cooking

As the name suggests, Shivam Indian Spices sells many different kinds of spices. There are long aisles of spices in various sizes. The packages are marked, helping you find all of the many masala mixes Shivam sells and ranking the intensity of the chili powders the store carries. There are other kinds of spices for sale that are harder to find at supermarkets, such as ajwain seeds.

If you have questions about what spices to use or how they taste, don’t worry. The staff at Shivam are friendly and can answer anything you need to know about cooking your meal at home.


Shivam doesn’t only carry ingredients for dedicated cooks and chefs. For something simpler, there are many snacks, such as crispy, fried fulvadi and lots of sweet Indian bread. Shivam also sells Indian candies, as well as beers and sodas that are not as common in local stores, such as Thums Up, which can best be described as Coca-Cola with an orange taste.


The store also carries many Indian movies and has one of the largest selections of items for Hindu prayer in the area.

If you are looking to find some authentic Indian ingredients or are looking to expand your cooking knowledge, Shivam Indian Spices on 3516 Davis Dr. is a one-stop shop.


Story and photos by Michael Papich.