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Pipe Leak Causes Ongoing Gas Shortage in Cary

Cary, NC – There is currently a gasoline shortage across North Carolina as a result of a ruptured main pipe delivering gas through Alabama.

Important Information

The Colonial Pipeline leak was first discovered on September 9 and its effects are now being felt in the Cary area with wide-spread shortages and long lines at stations that still have gas.

We are collecting information on which sites in Cary still have gasoline but currently the area that seems to have the most active stations are in North Raleigh.

However, it is not clear how long they will have gasoline. There are long lines at stations across the area with some only selling Premium and prices have risen. In fact, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper is asking drivers to report any “price gouging” they see.

If you are able to get access to a working pump, fill your car as much as you can as it is not clear how long this shortage will last.


Story by staff reports. Photo by Mike Mozart.

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  1. Laura Hamlyn
    Laura Hamlyn says:

    Hoping people who can work from home do, and leave gas for others who rely on their cars to do their work. It’s sad how so many people are filling up all of their cars and large gas canisters at the expense of others. This shortage will hopefully be over next week, and I’ve purposely NOT filled up to leave gas for others who might need it more. That’s what people who live in Money Magazine’s 2016 best place to live in NC do, right?

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