Apex Family Starting Custom Bed Sheet Company for Couples

Apex, NC – If you and your partner wrestle with the bedsheets and find you have different sleep needs, then Jonathan and Mollee Lamm know your struggle. That is why they have created a local bed sheet company for this exact problem and have just started taking orders.

Prototype sheets from My Side and Yours

Prototype sheets from My Side and Yours

There’s Got To Be A Better Way

The Lamms started working on their bed sheet company, My Side and Yours, in February 2016 to develop their unique product: bed sheets with different fabrics on each side.

“We created the product from fighting over the bed sheets,” Jonathan Lamm said. “With this, you can each have your own fabric.”

Lamm said he and his wife Mollee had different needs, with her always needing thick covers for the cold and him always burning up as a result. The bed sheets from My Side and Yours offer eight fabric options, ranging from a breathable mesh to a light polyester to thick fleece and more. And Lamm said they wanted to make sure they preserved local quality.

“They are all hand-cut and sewn. Our main challenge is to be able to develop custom beddings and get them out in a timely manner,” Lamm said. “We are a custom product so we can’t just talk to a sheet manufacturer to make them.”

My Side and Yours launched their Kickstarter in mid-October 2016 to build support for their product. Lamm said the Kickstarter acts as a pre-order.

“The bulk of the sheets can get out before Christmas,” he said. “Another batch will get out around New Year’s.”


Challenges for Unique Product

As Lamm has developed the product, he said he has worked with NC State’s School of Textiles and Design, built on the state’s past as a global capital for textiles. However, since textiles have largely left the United States, Lamm said production has been a challenge.

“Most of the folks left in the textile industry are very busy because there are so few of them left,” he said.

Lamm has been able to partner with some textiles manufacturers in Raleigh and Oxford, keeping the production inside the state.

“We looked for people to take a risk and see what our promise is,” he said.

While Lamm has owned businesses before, he said learning about domestic supply chains was a steep learning curve and sensed similar issues with textiles in the United States from people in the same line of work.

“We sensed the same frustrations. People want textiles to return here. It’s expensive but we’re looking for people to take a chance on us,” he said.

My Side and Yours are currently taking pre-orders through their Kickstarter.


Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of My Side and Yours.

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