Water Line Break Closes Parts of Waldo Rood

Cary, NC – The stretch of Waldo Rood Boulevard from Cary Parkway to MacArthur Drive is closed after a water main broke morning on Monday, March 27, 2017.

Repair crews from the Town of Cary and local contractors began work on Waldo Rood Boulevard around 8 AM after a 30-inch water main broke. Road work initially resulted in Cary Parkway changing to a one-lane road though it is now fully open.

Currently, work is being done to excavate the line to find the specific damage to the line. According to Carrie Roman, Cary’s public information specialist, there is no known cause of the damage yet while excavation is going on.

Furthermore, Roman said there is no timeline for repair yet because the nature of the water line break is still being determined.

Potable water in the area has not been impacted. At the time of the initial line break, Roman said there was a drop in water pressure but not an unsafe drop.

Update: a second water main break on Waldo Rood Boulevard, this time a 36-inch pipe, has broken. Waldo Rood from Jenks Carpenter Road to Methven Grove Drive is now closed as well.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

Story by staff reports. Photos by Michael Papich and the Town of Cary.

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  1. Lindsey S Chester
    Lindsey S Chester says:

    It was a quite an eye opener to me, to see just how much traffic uses Waldo Rood every day at rush hour, because now they are driving full tilt through my neighborhood, Mac Arthur Park ,for the detour. It was also a shock to realize that some Cary drivers are very thoughtless and rude, and don’t watch out for pedestrians, much less care about traffic signals. Come on Cary, we can do better!

    • Michael Papich
      Michael Papich says:

      The town has said water is safe to drink but if you notice discoloration, remove the faucet screen and run the water for a minute or two.

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