New Pizza Restaurant Lets You Build Your Own Pie

Cary, NC – Pizza has become as common an American meal as burgers but often customers do not get to pick all the components of their dish. But with Your Pie opening its first North Carolina location in Cary, diners can get a customizable pizza experience.

Control Over Your Pizza

Your Pie started in Athens, Georgia but has spread across the South and beyond, going as far as Iowa and California. But with two locations opening in Charlotte and Cary, it will finally enter North Carolina in the coming months.

Local owner Jack Fladeland said the interest in opening a store in Cary stems from good word-of-mouth about the town.

“It’s growing and it’s a great spot to be,” Fladeland said. “I’ve got a six-month-old and we want to raise her in a good town.”

Fladeland compared the structure of going to Your Pie to restaurants such as Chipotle, with a customizable selection for customers.

“We hand-toss all our dough – white, wheat and gluten-free – and work you down the line. You pick dough, sauce, cheese, toppings, vegetables, everything,” Fladeland said. “Then we put it in our brick oven. From start to finish, from when you walk in to when you sit down, you’re in control.”

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Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Your Pie.

4 replies
  1. Curtis Leary
    Curtis Leary says:

    Ditto for me. The wife and I went looking yesterday, all we saw was an empty building. In the meantime, build your own pizza at Blaze Pizza at Park West in Morrisville. Yum!

  2. Thomas Gross
    Thomas Gross says:

    Nowhere in this article does it say that this restaurant is not yet open. I drove by, and it looks like remodeling hasn’t even started yet. A planned opening date would have been a very important fact.

    • Sharon Birdsong
      Sharon Birdsong says:

      The owner when questioned says they are about 8 weeks out. But construction hasn’t even started The article should have used future tense for sure.

    • Michael Papich
      Michael Papich says:

      Hello Thomas, there is no set opening date though an early paragraph does say it is opening in the coming months. Also, please make sure to click through to the full article for full information.

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