Cary Town Council Approves Sketch Plan for Wegmans

Cary, NC – The possibility of Wegmans coming to Cary has excited residents for more than a year now. While two potential stores have been bandied, the Cary Town Council has given its first sign of support to one of these grocers. 

The First Step

Over the past years, two locations for Wegmans stores in Cary have been discussed: one by Cary Towne Center and one off of Davis Drive. This past Thursday, July 13, 2017, the Cary Town Council held a Quasi-Judicial meeting where they discussed the latter of these two plans, voting for it unanimously.

For this West Cary Wegmans, the developers were asking for a 130,000 square foot store. This went against the town’s limit of 100,000 square feet, and also would include a drive-thru on other proposed retail and office space, both of which required a Quasi-Judical meeting to see if they would be allowed.

The sketch development plan presented at the meeting includes the 130,000 square foot Wegmans, as well as other small parcels, making the total plan include 160,000 square feet of retail. It would include a 15-foot streetscape and two small ponds on the property, which borders Hatchs Pond.

For the traffic study, the developers said this proposal would generate 13 percent less car traffic than the PDD that was already approved for this location. The president of the nearby Twin Lakes Home Owners Association spoke at the meeting and said they support the development but would like some traffic mitigation procedures in the future. However, because of the nature of the Quasi-Judicial meeting, his views and petition on the matter could not be accepted into evidence. No speakers came to speak out against the request.

Wegmans Discussion

In the deliberative phase of the meeting, Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht brought up concerns about the images of the Wegmans and community gathering spaces and pointed out how no requirements are in place for the aesthetics shown in the design sketches.

“We’ve been burned before,” Weinbrecht said.

But the layout of the proposal is built into the requirements and Cary Councilmember Don Frantz pointed out that the proposed community gathering spaces in the plan would still have to fit the town’s guidelines. Frantz added that he doesn’t like how the loading docks for the Wegmans will face the street, calling it “ugly,” but still said he liked the plan overall.

Following this vote, a site plan still needs to be approved by the Town of Cary.

The current plan is for construction to begin in Spring 2018, with the Wegmans completed near the second half of 2019.

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of Wegmans and the Town of Cary. Community coverage sponsored by Waverly Place.

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  1. Michael S,
    Michael S, says:

    I’m disappointing that a west Cary location has been chosen. Under my current circumstances, I won’t be patronizing it. Also, what does this mean for the proposed location off Cary Town Blvd.? Does that mean it will remain undeveloped and the Trinity Rd extension be abandoned for lack of need?

    • Greenbaum
      Greenbaum says:

      Doesn’t mean anything either way for the Cary Towne Blvd location. Both of these locations plus 6 other Triangle locations are still being considered all by Publix and Wegmans. Most of the decisions take years to develop and nothing has been said about Trinity Rd. Check the Town of Cary website and bring yourself up to speed on what is happening around town. That way you’re in the know.

  2. Eleanor
    Eleanor says:

    So excited about wegmans coming to NC being from Rochester NY wegmans has the best food produce and great customer service

  3. Mary
    Mary says:

    Wegman’s is amazing. Once it’s built and you begin shopping there, you will never want to shop anywhere else. It’s going to be great for Cary, and it’s a solid company to work for.

  4. Mike M
    Mike M says:

    Mike Mercier
    I just don’t understand why we need ANOTHER grocery store in Cary/Morrisville! This will mean 3 grocery stores (and the Walmart store I won’t step foot in as well) within a 1 mile radius of our house! Such a waste of land.

  5. Joe Lawson
    Joe Lawson says:

    Love wegmans. By far the best grocery market and best company to work for. Can’t wait and may even seek employment there

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