Specialty Stores: Turkuaz Market

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Cary, NC – Turkey and the Mediterranean in general has its own climate and is at the intersection of many other cultures, meaning it has a lot of unique food options. The new Turkuaz Market in Downtown Cary has a wide selection of these unique foods, hard to find many other places in North Carolina.

Turkish Treats

Turkuaz Market on N Harrison Avenue in Downtown Cary opened in early August 2017. Emre and Fulya Eyupoglu, owners along with family members Sibel and Erol Eyupoglu, said they were inspired to open the market after the difficulty of finding their favorite Turkish foods in the area.

“If we opened our own store, we could bring products in from all over,” Emre Eyupoglu said. “It’s hard to get these products to reach all areas.”

Eyupoglu said around 90 percent of the products they sell now come from Turkey but they want to make it an international market and are planning to expand to include regions such as Russia.

“Customers can order in anything and we can get it to them if we do not have it in store,” Eyupoglu said. “We want to adapt to customers’ wishes.”

Among the products carried at Turkuaz Market are popular coffees and teas, as well as glasses for Turkish-style coffee and tea, and many varieties of Turkish delights. In addition to hot drinks, there are cold drinks such as unique fruit sodas and ayran, a very popular yogurt-based drink in Turkey.

There are also many grains and nuts in store, and Eyupoglu said they are planning to expand their nut selection, as it is a big part of the Turkish diet.

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