The Cary Scavenger Hunt – Gives Back

Cary, NC – CaryCitizen is proud to present one of Cary’s signature events, the Cary Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, September 16, 2017. Did you know there’s a giving element to the event? 

CaryCitizen has partnered with Dorcas Ministries and Kramden Institute to provide donations to these local non-profits since 2013.

Here’s how that works:

Morning Check-in Donation Stations

Non-perishable food and used electronics donations are accepted during the morning check-in

When teams arrive to check-in between 8:30 to 9:15 AM on the morning of Saturday September 16, 2017, both Dorcas Ministries and Kramden Institute will have booth areas set up to accept donations. All donations accepted add bonus points to team scores!

The mission of Dorcas Ministries is to help families in crisis right here in Cary and Morrisville. They operate a food pantry at their High House Road location. At the Scavenger Hunt, Dorcas Ministries accepts non-perishable food items that can include pasta, rice, canned goods, granola bars, dried beans and more. For every item donated, a team will receive 10 points. Last year, Dorcas drove away with a minivan full of food items that helped to fill their food pantry during a month that is typically slow after Summer depletes their store.

The Kramden Institute was loaded with used computer equipment donations in 2016

Kramden Institute donates refurbished computers to school-aged children who do not have computers at home. They even train students how to trouble-shoot and use open-source software to be able to do their school work. At the Scavenger Hunt, Kramden has a booth where they accept used laptops, CPUs, hard drives and LCD monitors which they refurbish and donate.

They also accept used cell phones, peripherals and networking equipment which can be recycled to earn them operating cash. Kramden was overwhelmed by the generosity of our 2016 teams, filling their truck with hundreds of items. Kramden also loans CaryCitizen the laptops we use for our scoring.

Capped Points and Tax Receipts

We appreciate the giving nature of the folks who live in Cary. Last year, we had so many donations that we have to put a cap on the point values because the bonus points can skew the scoring totals of points earned in the field.

This year, all donations will be capped at 500 points per non-profit. All teams receive a receipt they can also use for tax purposes.

Feel Good and Have Fun

Now you can register your team and feel good about competing as you help those in need within our community.

Get your team together and start planning your donations now! Register HERE

Event Info

The 2017 Cary Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, September 16, 2017
Start Time: 9:30 AM
Starting location: Page-Walker Arts & History Center
119 Ambassador Loop, Downtown Cary
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Story by Lindsey Chester. Photos courtesy of Brooke Meyer Photography. The Cary Scavenger Hunt is produced by CaryCitizen and hosted by the Town of Cary.