The Cary Scavenger Hunt – Our Team

Cary, NC – The Cary Scavenger Hunt is just a few days away! The adventure takes place THIS Saturday, September 16, 2017, beginning at the historic Page-Walker Hotel. We at CaryCitizen would like you to meet some of the folks that make this event such a big success: our panel of judges, our staff and awesome volunteers.

These wonderful folks are some of Cary’s hardest working town staff and volunteers. You may see them at festivals, concerts and town facilities. They include police officers, firemen and heads of town departments. They also include people who have won the Town’s Hometown Spirit Award in the past. These folks give of themselves selflessly, and we’d like you to meet them. Without their help, we simply could not put on our event.

Our Judging Panel

Judging panel from 2016 including Howard Manning, Vicki Scroggins-Johnson,  Jennifer Robinson, Jack Smith, Peggy Von Scoyac and Brent Miller  and Joy Pike who will be with us again

The Judging Gallery from 2016

Our judges always include people in government, town staff, and numerous folks who serve the community.

Introducing the Judging Panel for the 2017 Cary Scavenger Hunt:

  • Marla Dorrel, Former Town Councilmember, and president of Kids Together
  • Howard Manning, Director of Dorcas Ministries
  • Brent Miller, former president and board member of the Friends of Page-Walker
  • Peggy Von Scoyac, President of the Friends of Page-Walker
  • Vicki Scroggins-Johnson, current Morrisville Town Councilmember
  • Nancy Caggia, all around volunteer and formerly run for Cary Town Council, and Wake County Board of Education
  • Ken Quinlin, Cary Police Officer and founder of Operation Phoenix
  • Pat Fish, former president of the Friends of Page-Walker, current lifetime board member
  • Jennifer Robinson, current Cary Town Council member for District A
  • Jake Smith, current Cary Town Council member for District C
  • Cindy Sinkez, president of the Democratic Women of Wake Co, and former candidate for town council

Joy Pike has the last word if there is a scoring discrepency

CaryCitizen Staff

Lindsey Chester, Event Organizer. Lindsey handles sales, marketing and all event sponsorships. The clues, the social media, and event production are her baby.

Hal Goodtree, Event Producer. Hal wrangles the talent and makes all the announcements, handling the stage.

Michael Papich, Assistant Manager. Michael coordinates all communications with sponsors and makes sure everyone is happy and knows where to go.

Joy Pike, Head Judge. Joy will be aiding our judging team and is the “Go-To” person if a team has questions during the clue verifcation process at the finish. The buck literally stops here.

Hal Gooodtree and Lindsey Chester of CaryCitizen

Cary Teen Council

The Cary Teen Council includes more than 1,000 Cary teens aged 11-18. They are lead by Cary Program Assistant Doug Peters and can be seen volunteering for numerous events around town from Lazy Daze to mulching Hemlock Bluffs.

They’ve helped at our event since 2010. They hand out team t-shirts, assemble our team bags, check in teams and run to find teams and lead them to the judges. They are an integral part of this event. Look for them wearing their red t-shirts!

Volunteer staff help make the event run smoothly like these teen council kids

Still Time to Sign UP!

If you have been debating signing up for this fun adventure, now is your chance. You don’t have to be a “Cary Expert” to have some fun. There are lots of hints and you will have a hilarious time with your friends and family. Who knows, you may learn some new facts about town to amaze your friends afterwards!

The price is cheaper than seeing a movie and a whole lot more memorable! Months from now, you will still be talking about what you did on September 16, 2017, but you won’t even remember the title of that movie you saw last weekend.

It’s just $12.50 a person and teams can be as small as two people or as big as six. Online registration closes at 8 PM on Friday, September 15, 2017. We will take walk-up registration with a credit card or cash only. There is a $10 service fee.

Come on and have a Cary Adventure!

The Cary Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, September 16, 2017
Page-Walker Arts & History Center, 119 Ambassador Loop, Downtown Cary
Check-in – 8:30-9:15 AM
Race starts – 9:30 AM
Teams return – 1:30 PM
Winners announced – 3 PM

Story by Lindsey Chester. Photos by Brooke Meyer. The Cary Scavenger Hunt is presented by CaryCitizen and Hosted by the Town of Cary.