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Cary Ranks as Second Most Livable Mid-Sized Town

Cary, NC – A recent study has Cary as the second most livable mid-sized town or city in the country, making it the highest ranking Southern place to live nationwide.

Best on the East Coast

In a recent study by SmartAsset ranking mid-sized cities and towns across the United States, Cary came in second for livability. The study looked at municipalities with a population roughly between 80,000 and 200,000 people.

A key implication of the study is mid-sized towns have a balance of affordable home prices and low poverty conditions. The study looked at these factors, while including everything from the unemployment rate to commute times.

Cary ranked highly because it had the third-lowest percentage of residents below the poverty rate, third-lowest unemployment rate and the second-lowest median monthly housing costs out of any towns and cities in the top 10.

Ranking just below Cary was Centennial, Colorado, which lost out to Cary in terms of median monthly housing costs and the study found many people in Centennial had a long commute time.

Regional Trends

The top ranking town in the study was Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Most of the towns in the top 10 were from either Colorado or California. Cary is the only North Carolina town in the top 25 included in the study and only the second Southern town next to Frisco, Texas.

While part of the study’s hypothesis is that mid-sized towns are more affordable, the results do not necessarily reflect this. Even the study’s author, Derek Miller, says as much, adding “the average median housing cost across our top 10 cities is over $1,600 per month.”

This fits in line with several accolades Cary has received through studies of municipalities across the country and state. The SmartAsset study cites Cary’s ranking as one of the safest towns in the United States and one of the safest to raise a family. Cary has also been called one of the country’s most successful towns in at least one study.

Story by staff reports. Photos by Michael Richardson and Hal Goodtree. 

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  1. Mary
    Mary says:

    I have lived in Cary for 15 years and one thing for sure, it is not what it used to be. Pollution and massive construction is the order of the day. Trees were everywhere but not anymore.

  2. Carol
    Carol says:

    Cary is constantly being promoted as one of the best cities to live in the USA therefore people from all over the country move here. Traffic is constantly increasing and there’s construction all over. From my perspective, our quality of life here is changing.

  3. Sara
    Sara says:

    I live in cary its awsome if you move with your kids anytime soon the best school is Reedy Creek Elementry or Middle School leave a reply if you move !!!

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