Google Fiber Isn’t Dead in Cary

Cary, NC – Google Fiber announced its intent to open its services in the Triangle back in 2016. Efforts to bring Google Fiber to Cary have been slow but they are not finished.

Where is Google Fiber in Cary?

While some test neighborhoods got Google Fiber in late 2016, the Internet and TV service started its big push in early 2017. Many Caryites may remember seeing this commercial play earlier this year.

Since then, Cary has made little progress in being hooked up to Google Fiber service. Only two neighborhoods and apartment buildings in Cary, Preston Village and the Bradford Apartments near the intersection of Davis Drive and High House Road, have Google Fiber currently.

Notably, these locations are very close to Morrisville which, while not fully connected, has Google Fiber set up in various parts of the town with sites marked as coming soon. In fact, Google Fiber first started offering access in Morrisville one year ago this week.

By contrast, looking at Google Fiber’s own map of the Triangle, Cary is a gap of coverage or coming projects between Morrisville and Raleigh.

Blue designates a neighborhood where Google Fiber is available, red designates coming connections

The nearest Google Fiber connections to Cary have been in Morrisville or North Raleigh, as well as several locations in Downtown Raleigh.

The most recent information about Google Fiber in Cary comes from one of Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht’s blog posts. In it, Weinbrecht said Google Fiber has told the town they intend to make service available in Downtown Cary and West Cary. Weinbrecht told the same thing to those gathered at the latest Heart of Cary Association meeting on Friday, October 6, 2017. But for now, that is the only information we have on those plans.

When asked for more information on Google Fiber in different parts of Cary, a Google Fiber spokesperson said “Google Fiber is working hard to provide superfast Internet to Triangle residents, and we continue to build out our network across the region. We recently opened sign ups for more neighborhoods in Cary, and offer service in parts of Raleigh, Durham, Morrisville, and Cary currently.”

A Long Process

When managers from Google Fiber spoke to the Cary Chamber of Commerce earlier this year, they told those gathered that it would be a slow process and would emanate out from RTP and RDU Airport so while Cary is relatively close by, there are other neighborhoods to go through first. Also, Morrisville is home to what Erik Garr, Southeast Regional Manager for Google Fiber, described as a local “digital backbone,” installed by engineers to support Google Fiber.

As Google Fiber has made its way through the Triangle, other Internet and cable companies have stepped in to try and court away customers not connected to Google. AT&T and Time Warner Cable/Spectrum have begun marketing faster speeds, though results from region to region have been mixed. Also, Triangle Business Journal reported that smaller companies such as Ting Mobile and CenturyLink have also tried to step into the vacancies left by Google Fiber in communities such as Holly Springs and Wake Forest.

In an effort to speed up their process, Google Fiber is also employing a technique known as micro-trenching, deploying fiber that cuts thin, shallow channels into pavements, sidewalks or existing joints. The idea behind this method is it is both less invasive and will allow Google Fiber to connect potential customers faster.

In the meantime, you can also test what Google Fiber speeds would be like at their Downtown Raleigh center at 518 West Jones St. and search addresses through Google Fiber’s website to see what apartment buildings have connections yet or are slated to get them soon. The map does not show individual residences.

But while many in Cary may feel as though Google Fiber is not here yet, several customers experienced a temporary outage in early October and issued complaints online. So if people in the Triangle and Cary can complain when it is gone, that must mean they had in the first place.

Story by Michael Papich. Photo by Robert Scoble. Map courtesy of Google Fiber. Community coverage sponsored in part by Waverly Place in Cary.

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  1. John Mcdade
    John Mcdade says:

    Old news and why spend any more on ehat will beckme Googles Betamax
    Total Fail on Google we’ve heard for a number of years fiber was coming. Cary is wasting our tax dollars and they’ve all wasted our resources, time and are destroying neighborhoods, red and yards, Would it be too difficult to understand in the same amount of time and resources already spent we could have built a very strong mesh repeater based wireless network the whole city could be enjoying indoors and out plus the more people and businesses joining would only make the network stronger
    I’d hate to be one who buys into an already dead venture Google has reported to be everywhere in the US. I guess Cary is the only exception , glad to hear we’re so exceptional

    • Denny Eyberg
      Denny Eyberg says:

      Fiber is coming and in some cases residents in the triangle area are customers of GF. Cary isn’t spending any tax dollars for this project that I am aware of. Neighborhoods are not getting destroyed. Cary and Morrisville governments have held Google’s feet to the fire to insure they are following up behind and making all corrections necessary to the properties they have worked in. Since Cary and Morrisville didn’t spend any money then in actuality there isn’t any money allocated to GF and so there isn’t any money to roll out your proposed mesh repeater network. And lastly, GF is not everywhere. They are only in a select compliment of cities today.

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