Happycakes Brings Award-Winning Baking to Cary

Story originally appeared on FoodCary.

Cary, NC – Already popular in Morehead City for their fresh quality, Happycakes Cupcakery now has a Cary location to let Cary residents try the cupcakes that won them a nationally televised baking competition.


Happycakes Cupcakery, located on Chapel Hill Road in Cary, may already be familiar to readers who watch the Food Network show “Cupcake Wars.” Back in 2013, the cupcake bakery won during one of the Season Nine episodes, which owner Angela Diaz said helped their business.

“The Saturday after the episode aired, we sold 1,000 cupcakes in 45 minutes,” Diaz said.

That name recognition appeared to carry-over, as Diaz said the store had lines out the door on their opening day.

Diaz said the same focus that helped Happycakes win Cupcake Wars is the focus they bring to all of their baking: fresh, all-natural ingredients.

“No extracts, no artificial colors. If we make a strawberry cupcake, it takes real, fresh strawberries and it’s the same with lemon or any other fruit,” Diaz said.

For example, during their competition in Cupcake Wars, Diaz and her bakers were tasked with making cupcakes with a mint flavor so instead of using mint packets or flavorings, they make their cupcakes with fresh mint tea.

Another way Diaz said she and her team separate themselves from other cupcake bakeries is their use of Swiss meringue buttercream instead of plain, commercial frosting, which she said creates a lighter flavor even if it is a longer, more expensive process to make. Additionally, the store never serves day-old baked goods.

“But it’s easier to win a show once than it is to stay consistently good,” she said. “A win will only take you so far. We always make something we’re proud of.”

Happycakes Cupcakery is located at 9958 Chapel Hill Rd. in Cary.

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Story and photos by Michael Papich.