Cary Snow Day Photos from Jan. 17, 2018

Photo by Elain Jernigan Goeken, of Morrisville

Cary, NC- Everything shut down on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 as the snow began to fall by early morning. School sand Town facilities had made the call on Tuesday night to cancel services, and many stayed home form work as roads became slippery. Originally predicted to begin precipitation Tuesday evening, our area did not start to see snow flakes until about 9:00am. By noon we had experienced at least 2 inches and snow continued to fall well into Wednesday night.

We asked our social media fans to submit some of their best #snowday photos. Here are some of the best.


Photo by Yicelle Aimee


Photo by Jennifer Paintin Adams


Photo by Laura Wehrie Oates of the Downtown Park.


Photo by Yicelle Aimee


Photo by Viviana Negron of Gregory Street


Photo by Sarah Blount Martin


Photo by Vanessa Mouton


Photo by Shivali Patel


Photo by Shannon Garrison


Photo by Mary Kay Flick of Bond Lake


Photo by Maria Connelly


Photo by Kathy McManamy Edwards


Photo by Jodi Marie of her dog, Sparrow

Snow was still falling when we wrote this post at 5:15pm on the 17th. This writer is predicting at LEAST one more snow day for the kids, and maybe if you’re lucky, the parents too.

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