Update on Cary Snow Conditions – 1/18/18

Update: All GoCary service now suspended on Thursday, January 18. GoCary service will start at 10 AM on Friday, January 19, with Tier 2 and 3 door-to-door service canceled except in cases of medical emergency.

Cary, NC – Predictions early this week called for between one and three inches of snow on Wednesday morning. Clearly, those predictions were off. Here is the latest information on conditions in Cary and local roadways.


Heavy Snow

In Cary, between six and eight inches of snow fell across town, with some parts of Central North Carolina getting close to a foot of snow. Schools and businesses are closed, including most Town of Cary services and facilities.

Road conditions are very rough as streets have not only taken on ice but as snow compresses, it becomes just as slippery and difficult to travel. Traffic accidents mounted up on Wednesday and continue to today, with closures on US-1, I-40, NC-55, US-64 and more.

For those who need transportation, GoCary is canceled all day Thursday. All door-to-door service is also canceled except in the event of medical emergency.

Cary road plows are working around town and have made roads more passable than yesterday, although you should still not try to drive unless absolutely necessary. If you are walking on a road, make sure you are near the curbs and not in the center in case a car loses the ability to break due to ice.


Weather Going Forward

With so much snow on the ground, things are not going to be completely clear by the weekend. However, temperatures are warming up and weather forecasts call for clear and sunny skies from now until Monday, January 22, 2018.

Not only will temperatures go higher next week but predictions call for several days with rain which should clear away any residual snow.

Cary remains in a Winter weather advisory, as do most North Carolina counties.

Story by staff reports. Photos by Michael Papich and Lindsey Chester.