Cary Franchise Out-Performs Nationwide Locations

Cary, NC – Opening in mid-2016, the Pool Scouts franchise that serves Cary has earned the distinction as the top-earning site. Now, it is expanding to more territories in the Triangle as a way to increase service.

Top Franchise Nationwide

Pool Scouts, a pool service company focused on cleaning and repairs, has franchise locations as far apart as Florida, New Jersey and Texas. But in 2017, the Cary franchise, which currently serves the surrounding Triangle, earned the company’s “High Dive Award” for the highest revenues per territory, outperforming all other franchises nationwide.

Local owner Tiffiny Consoli credited their achievement to the Cary Pool Scouts being open longer than other franchise locations, which has given them the opportunity to learn and improve.

“We’ve learned a lot about our customers and their expectations,” Consoli said.

Over the past year, Consoli said she and her employees have also been able to create relationships with regular customers.

“We have many customers where we opened and closed their pool last year,” Consoli said. “Our customers appreciate our service and our service scores have been strong.”

Expanding for Efficiency

One of the most important things Consoli said she and her team have learned over the past year is efficiency – how to get on-side and work quickly while delivering quality service. Reducing drive time is a big part of that efficiency, and with between 12,000 and 13,000 pools in the Triangle area according to Consoli, that creates room for improvement.

“Right now, our customers are spread out in the Triangle,” she said. “As we grow, we can get more efficient from a distance standpoint.”

That’s why Consoli said they are planning to expand the franchise to a second territory in the Wake Forest-Durham-Chapel Hill area.

“We want to be there for the entire market and this will give us consistent service across the area,” she said. “And our potential is not as great as it could be if we only stay in one territory.”

Consoli said the plans are to open this second territory in March 2018.

Cary Pool Scouts franchise owner Tiffiny Consoli

Story and photos by Michael Papich.

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