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Guide to Summer Bike-Riding in Cary

Cary, NC – Summer is a great time to take the day to ride a bike around Cary and there are lots of trails and greenways in the area for cyclists. Here is a guide to planning your bike trip around town.

Long Bike Rides

For the longest bicycle rides, you can get on the Black Creek Greenway, which extends all the way from Bond Park to Lake Crabtree. Not only is this ideal for a long bike ride but it also links to the White Oak Creek Greenway, which is the second-longest stretch of greenway in Cary. The connection is located around Bond Park so this path can be accessed from multiple points and offers a chance to take different routes each time you ride it.

One other important point to note about the Black Creek Greenway is the Cary Town Council recently approved funds for repairs, improvements and extensions so look forward to even more rides on here in the coming years.

The goal is for the Black Creek Greenway to eventually connect to American Tobacco Trail, which is more than three times as long as the Black Creek Greenway. On the American Tobacco Trail, cyclists can go from Apex all the way to Durham and the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, connecting Chatham, Durham and Wake Counties.

Also, when riding, keep track of where bike repair stations are located. For example, there is a new bike repair station at the Old Reedy Creek Road Trailhead, located on the Reedy Creek Greenway at the starting point by the Lake Crabtree dam.

Scenic Bike Rides

For cycling next to impressive natural vistas, there are some loops to check out in Cary. One of the biggest is the Lochmere Loop, starting around the intersection of SE Cary Parkway and Lochmere Drive. This loop is 6.5 miles long and takes cyclists around not only Lochmere Lake but also Loch Lomond. The site is also close to the Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve.

For a mix of scenery and exercise, there is the Three Lakes Loop near the intersection of SW Cary Parkway and Lake Pine Drive, off of Cary Bike Route #3. This gives cyclists three different lakes to ride by while also putting them on terrain that challenges strength, speed and endurance.

To see something other than a lake while you ride, look for the West Ridge Trail. Located in North Cary near the intersection of NW Cary Parkway and Thorpe Drive, this is a light ride with plenty to see.

Upcoming Bike Events

You can get a start on exploring bike trails and join fellow cyclists on Saturday, June 2, 2018 for National Trails Day Bike Ride. This Town of Cary event starts at 9:45 AM Thomas Brooks Park at 9008 Green Level Church Rd.

Also make sure to look at the Town of Cary’s bicycle map.

Bike Cary

Story by staff reports. Photos courtesy of the National Parks Service and Damian Gadal.

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    it would be great to hear about some of your in-town bike options. Do you have any bike lanes downtown, are there any restaurants, libraries or other places you could get to on the bike? Any events where arriving on bike could save you time and money parking?

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