Herb Young Community Center Closed Through Early September

Cary, NC – Right as the school year starts up, events at the Herbert C. Young Community Center will come to a pause as the center closes for a week-long stretch of time.

Starting at 5 PM on Thursday, August 31, 2018, the Herbert C. Young Community Center on Wilkinson Avenue in Downtown Cary will be closed. This is for maintenance repair on the building, which was first built in 1991 (although it was not named for Cary Town Councilmember Herbert Young until 2001).

The center will not open back up until Friday, September 7, 2018 at 9 AM, so the Herbert C. Young Community Center will be closed for a week, including Labor Day Weekend.

The center phone number, (919) 460-4965, will still be open for voicemails and those will be checked by Town of Cary staff.

The Herbert C. Young Community Center is located at 101 Wilkinson Ave.

Story by staff reports. Photos courtesy of the Town of Cary.

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    • Owen Evans
      Owen Evans says:

      Seriously agree. My wife always begs me not to turn left there (rather, turn right, then turn left into the catholic church, turn around in their parking lot, then turn right coming out of the church parking lot in order to go west on High House.

      Pick one of the park entrances and put in a stoplight. I’d think the other one (Bond Park Drive) would make more sense, but let the traffic engineers decide. Set up the median at the other one to prohibit left turns coming out of the park.

  1. Bob C
    Bob C says:

    Much needed and an excellent time to do it as long as it didn’t interfere with Early Voting.

  2. Curtis Leary
    Curtis Leary says:

    It would really be a huge help if an elevator was installed. A lot of senior citizens and disabled veterans are at a disadvantage going between floors.

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