Hurricane Florence

Weekend Events: Hurricane Special Edition

Cary, NC – Normally we use Wednesday to let our readers know about events may in and around town. But this weekend is different with Hurricane Florence hitting the East Coast and, as you can imagine. Most, not all events in Cary, Morrisville and the Triangle have been canceled.

Preparing for this Weekend

Currently, it is not clear if Wake County will receive any evacuation orders. The nearest counties with voluntary evacuation notices are Lenoir and Duplin Counties and both American and European hurricane models show Hurricane Florence moving toward South Carolina and Georgia.

Hurricane Florence

While this means Cary will not get the worst of the storm, extreme winds and heavy rainfall are still projected. This makes power outages and gasoline supply disruptions highly probable, so prepare for the next few days. Have flashlights and battery-operated radios ready, or the wind-up versions if you can get those. A power outage will also mean no refrigeration so if you have perishable food that will spoil quickly, try to finish everything up in the next few days. Maybe even have a get-together with friends and family to polish it off.

As for gasoline, many local stations already have huge lines, price increases and some are out of gas entirely. If you were able to fill up before the crunch, conserve your driving as much as possible. There are no indications yet about whether the GoCary and other Triangle bus lines will be in service during or after Hurricane Florence but keep an eye on those services.

What To Do with Down Time

So, there are no events around town this weekend for you to enjoy. What can you do for fun now?

For starters, you can do some pre-storm chores. Everyone loves to do chores. Clear your yard of debris, especially if you see any tree limbs that are sagging or hanging or in danger of snapping off. Also, try and remove any obstructions from storm drains. This will help get water out of your neighborhood and away from your home.

Similarly, try and clean up any trash and pick up animal droppings you see around your home. If there is a flood situation, you don’t want it to be made worse with trash and germs floating around in the water.

But in the aftermath of the storm, use your time to check up on your neighbors and other community members. Take note of which people may need help buying non-perishable food or have health concerns or have limited mobility. After all, the best thing we can do is take care of one another.

Hurricane Florence

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