Lobsterfest Returns with Fresh Lobsters for Fundraiser

Story originally appeared on FoodCary.

Cary, NC – Food fundraisers abound in Cary over the year, celebrating so many of our favorite comforts and delicacies.  That list includes barbecue, fried chicken, fish, subs, and, yes, lobsters.


Lobsters have been the featured act at St Paul’s Episcopal Church where the 12th annual “Lobsterfest” will be held on Saturday, October 6, 2018. This special event treats lobster lovers with a wonderful meal, and benefits local charity at the same time. More than $15,000 will be raised. Dorcas Ministries will be the recipient of food and cash donations, to stock their Food Pantry, and additional monies support outreach programs (activities that benefit the local community) supported by St. Paul’s.

Lobsterfest opens with the delivery of a truckload of live lobsters from Maine. Purchasers can choose live lobsters to take home, cooked lobsters for the convenience-minded home chef, or the famous “Quarta Pounda Lobster Roll” served on grilled LaFarm Bakery brioche. Diners can also purchase complete Lobster Meals, with indoor or outdoor seating and live music. Over 3,000 lobsters and rolls will be prepared and served by over 200 volunteers.


If that is not sufficient enticement, the festival organizers arranged with Life Experiences in Cary (http://Lifeexperiences.org) and their Bakery Department to provide 150 dozen chocolate chip cookies for Lobsterfest.

Lobster orders can be made online at http://www.stpaulscary.org/lobsterfest/.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is located at 221 Union St. in Cary.

Lobster Fest

Story by David Lindquist. Photos courtesy of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.