Cary Parkway

Left Turn Lanes Open on High House/Cary Parkway Intersection

Cary, NC – In time for the holiday rush, new left turn lanes are now open at the High House Road and Cary Parkway intersection as roadwork nears completion.

New Lanes to Reduce Congestion

High House Road and Cary Parkway is one of Cary’s busiest intersections, in addition to Kildaire Farm Road and Cary Parkway. Amir Nezarati, engineer with the Town of Cary, said this intersection sees about 55,000 vehicles per day.

Work and plans to improve this intersection and reduce its congestion have been in place since 2017. On Thursday, December 13, 2018, the new left turn lanes opened on three of the four roads.

“Before, vehicles turning left had to back up into the through lane, blocking the through lane,” Nezarati said. “The main traffic improvement is increased volume. This will double the amount of area to store vehicles.”

Southbound Cary Parkway is the only road in the intersection to not get a new left turn lane.

“The traffic volume there didn’t necessitate dual left turn lanes,” Nezarati said. “That way, we can also preserve more of the median.”

All four roads in the intersection also have new right turn lanes, which are already open.

Cary Parkway

Remaining Construction

To improve intersection efficiency, Nezarati said the town is also making traffic signal adjustments while construction is underway and new signal poles will be installed as well.

What is left is mostly aesthetics, such as permanent pavement markings, stamped crosswalks and decorative signage, which Nezarati said resembles the signage in Downtown Cary.

“We’re still doing roadwork but we also understand the aesthetics of the area,” Nezarati said.

Landscaping is currently underway at the intersection but it is not completed yet. While weather will affect the timeline, Nezarati said the planned finish date is Spring 2019.

Also coming to the intersection is a new bus shelter, which Nezarati said looks unique to any other bus shelter in Cary. It was delivered on Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

While there will still be some lane closures in the future to complete construction and roadwork, Nezarati said they will not be during rush hour. Starting 7 AM on Friday, December 21, 2018, there will be no lane closures until 9:30 AM on Wednesday, January 2, 2018.

“We’re glad to be opening lanes in time for the holiday season,” Nezarati said.

Cary Parkway

High House Road and Cary Parkway before construction started

Story by Michael Papich. Photos by Michael Papich and the Town of Cary.