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New Cary Gym Teaches Fitness Through Boxing, Kickboxing

Cary, NC – RockBox Fitness, opening in Cary this Spring, is a new gym that provides full-body workouts and cardio exercise through boxing and kickboxing, while finding new ways to keep members motivated and encouraged.

Fitness Through Boxing

RockBox Fitness is opening on Tryon Woods Drive in Spring 2019, with more studios planned for the Triangle area. In addition to traditional fitness equipment such as kettle bells, medicine balls and treadmills, RockBox focuses on boxing and kickboxing, with trainers there to coach and guide members.

Owners Quinn Lacy and Ezra Leak said one of the advantages of exercising with combat sports is it factors in all elements of fitness.

“It helps with power, with strength, with endurance. For individuals who don’t have core strength and want to build it up, boxing and kickboxing are both great for your core,” Leak said. “It also helps with your balance and your hand-eye coordination.”

Both Leak and Lacy said boxing and kickboxing are good cardio workouts that can not only help with heart health but also burns a lot of calories.

“A lot of people feel they miss out on cardio because they aren’t running,” Lacy said. “We teach our members that you can still get the same cardio workout as runners do through boxing and kickboxing.”

The exercises at RockBox also fit all age demographics, Leak said, with a workout that can work both for young people (RockBox Fitness is open to people starting at age 16) as well as older people whose speed and strength may have diminished.

“With what we do, you’re still able to work out and follow along, no matter what,” Leak said.

Cary Fitness

Never Boring

When looking for Triangle locations for RockBox Fitness, Leak said they were trying to find communities that would go beyond a customer base.

“In all of the places we considered, we looked for places where we’d be embraced by the community and where the community would add to us,” Leak said. “Everyone in Cary has been supportive and welcoming.”

Lacy said focusing on embracing and supporting their members is a key facet of RockBox and can get people out of the routine she said can form in a typical gym.

“People get bored, they get tired and there’s no one there to encourage them,” Lacy said. “At RockBox, you have the trainers and owners there, pushing you on.”

To push members on even more, RockBox has a full sound system and lights that correspond to the music and workouts, which Lacy said helps people power through their exercise.

“When people are excited and motivated, they’re more likely to engage with the workout and come back for more,” Lacy said.

RockBox Fitness is opening in Cary at 8204 Tryon Woods Dr.

Cary Fitness

Story by Michael Papich. Photos courtesy of RockBox Fitness.