Cary Launches Digital Tool to Personalize Waste and Recycling Collection

Cary, NC – As part of a plan to simplify communication between the Town of Cary’s solid waste division and residents, Cary launched the Cary Collects website and mobile app with information about trash and recycling, including tools to personalize collection.

Digitizing Trash

Cary Collects lets residents get a digital calendar for trash, recycling and yard waste collection, as well as updates when weather or holidays delay collection.

“We’re always trying to enhance our communication with citizens,” said Bob Holden, solid waste division manager for the Town of Cary. “By providing a digital schedule, that’s another opportunity for better communication.”

In addition to the collection calendar, Cary Collects includes the Waste Wizard function to settle questions about what materials can or cannot be recycled, or what process residents have to go through to recycle them.

“A great thing about Cary is we have engaged citizens and everyone wants to do the right thing,” Holden said. “This is a tool to answer questions on hundreds of items.”

Additionally, Holden said if this information is widely shared to residents, it will help the Town of Cary sort recyclable waste when it gets to them.

Cary Trash

A sample calendar as displayed on Cary Collects

Personalizing Collection

Through Cary Collects, as recycling collection and materials change, residents will also be able to find new information quickly.

“If there are changes in the marketplace, we can easily update in a single stroke,” Holden said.

Residents can also use Cary Collects to set up reminders and alerts for themselves for collections or for special events, such as leaf pick-up, paper shred events and more.

“They can also sign up for special collections,” Holden said. “If they have too much cardboard to fit in their bin or if they have fats, oil or grease, we can collect those.”

Cary Collects phases out the physical trash and recycling calendars, though residents can still get a paper copy by calling 919-469-4090.

Story by Michael Papich. Photos by the Town of Cary.