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Bill Fletcher: Competency-Based Education, Diversity in Schools and More

Your public school district is now a minority-majority district where students of color and immigrants from all over the world outnumber white enrollees. Taken together this expanding richness of cultures and life experiences is invigorating our communities and education.

Yet existing housing patterns and schooling options other than the public school system are resulting in higher concentrations of students of color and from modest and low income families in more schools.

Bill Fletcher: Graduation 2019, Questions for the Future and More

‘Tis the season to congratulate our seniors as they commence the next phase of their lives! This year, Wake will award 11,469 diplomas and see about 90% of the four-year cohort – those who entered ninth grade in 2015 – demonstrate they are prepared for the next step.

But what about the 10% of students who will not graduate? What choices did they make, or what did our schools fail to do to assure these 1,300 students succeeded academically?

Education: Bill Fletcher October 2018 Newsletter

Vote YES to Pay LESS!

That is the choice voters have with the Wake School Bond issue. The County is asking voters to approve using General Obligation bonds for school construction which is the most cost-effective way to borrow money for construction.

Voter approval will save taxpayers significant interest on debt.

Education: Bill Fletcher 2018 September Newsletter

As the balance of 162,000 students began classes, district staff released the draft plan to open four new schools in 2019 and assign students to schools with available seats…all in an effort to reduce over-crowding, comply with the state-mandated class size reduction, align k-8 calendars and possibly remove enrollment caps from some schools.

Education: Bill Fletcher 2018 July Newsletter

While legislative leaders hold press conferences extolling teacher raises, their back room decisions amount to an illegal statewide property tax that claims more than one billion dollars from North Carolina’s property taxpayers.  This year more than eight cents of Wake’s property tax rate has been “stolen” by the state legislature to pay for state-required costs.  That’s $120 million dollars that could have been used for counselors, nurses, social workers or technology support in our schools.