A Look Inside White Plains Children’s Center


Cary, NC — Nestled inside the White Plains United Methodist Church on SE Maynard Road is a special childcare center where kids of different development stages play and learn together. Read more

Aquatots Offer Swim Lessons in a Strip Mall


Cary, NC – How would you like to run to the grocery store and drop your kids off next door for their swim lessons? Read more

Little Gym is Serious Fun

Story and photos by Lindsey Chester.

Cary, NC – We hear the stats every day: obesity is an epidemic among the youth of our nation. Annie Andruchowitz, owner of the Little Gym of Cary, has a plan in place to get kids active in a fun and engaging environment. Read more


Profile: Artist Karen Lee


Story by Matt Young. Photo by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – CaryCitizen visited local artist/author Karen Lee at her home studio on the west side of Cary last week. Like so many artists, she is humble, even slightly embarrassed, to have us go through some of her work. She seemed more comfortable talking about her husband, Tim, also an artist (and bluegrass musician). Read more

Cary Parks #4: Walnut Street

Part 4 in our Cary Parks series. 

Cary, NC — As one of the busiest streets in Wake County, Walnut Street is usually associated with traffic, stop lights, and shopping centers. However, in 2002, the Town of Cary decided to change that perception and purchased 11 acres of undeveloped land at the intersection of Lawrence Road and Walnut Street. The result is one of the most interesting and beautifully designed parks in Cary – Walnut Street Park. Read more