Theater Review: Our Lady of 125th Street

Review by Lindsey Chester, photos for by CaryCitizen Casey Toth

Cary, NC – Free Association Theater Ensemble (FATE) takes it to a new level with their latest show titled, Our Lady of 121st Street. Originally scheduled to open Friday November 4th, an actor’s injury postponed the show til November 11. Read more

Theater: Fat Pig Pushes The Envelope

Julya Mirro and Allan Maule when their characters first meet in Fat Pig

Story and photos by Lindsey Chester

Cary, NC- CaryCitizen has been following the theater group Free Association Theater Ensemble (F.A.T.E.) for the past year. The group is always pushing the envelope, and Fat Pig, their latest production, is no exception. Read more

Cary Arts Center Delivers on Dedication Day

Town Crier calls out at the Cary Arts Center dedication ceremony

Story by Lindsey Chester, all photos by Brooke Meyer

Cary, NC- The Grand Opening Celebration of the new Cary Arts Center highlighted the diverse offerings available here in Cary. Read more

Theater: Jack & Jill Go Up The Hill

Jim Azarelo and Noelle Barnard play "Jack & Jill" in FATE's new work June 16-18.

Review and photos by Lindsey Chester

Cary, NC- Just like the nursery rhyme, the characters in F.A.T.E.’s new play “Jack & Jill”, experience the uphill and downhill tumbles of love relationships. Read more