Gardening: Spring Gardening, Part II

Cary, NC – There are so many ways to think about your garden. In Spring Gardening Part 1, I talked about color during the early part of the season. Now, let’s turn the focus to things that thrive in shade. Read more

Gardening: Spring Garden Color

Cary, NC – Winter won’t seem to go away this year, but Spring actually started last week. Everyday, the sun lingers a little longer in the sky. Here are a few ideas to add some spring color to your early Spring garden. Read more


Gardening: Creating an Indoor Garden

Cary, NC – Part of the fun of gardening is getting outside and breathing in fresh air and feeling real sunlight. But sometimes you may need to carefully control your environment or live in an apartment complex. In those circumstances, here are some tips and guides to creating an indoor garden. Read more

Gardening: Spring Herbs and Early Vegetables

Cary, NC – I know, it still feels like Winter. But now is the time to get some herbs and Spring veggies in the ground. Read more

Gardening: Getting Ready for Spring

Cary, NC – The mornings are still frosty in the Triangle, but Spring is around the corner. Now is the time to get your garden off to a good start for 2018. Read more

2017 Gifts for Gardeners

Cary, NC – Here are a few suggestions for gifts for gardeners. If you are a gardener, send this story to your loved ones so they know what to buy for you. Read more

Gardening: Vegetables for the Winter

Cary, NC – If you saw the morning frost these past few days, you can tell Winter is upon us. Now is the time to start planting and cultivating all of the vegetables and seasonings that grow best this time of year. Read more

City Garden Design Opens in Downtown Cary

Cary, NC – A new garden design store is now open in Downtown Cary, with design and installation services as well as unique plants and custom arrangements for interior decorating. Read more

Fall Gardening III: The Magic of Bulbs

Cary, NC – Bulbs produce some of the most spectacular flowers in nature. They can come back year after year, multiply freely and require little to no work. Magic! And, almost magically, now is the time to plant them. Read more

Gardening: Time to Plant Trees & Shrubs

Cary, NC – If early Autumn is the time to plant flowers and fall vegetables, now is the time to start thinking about trees and shrubs. Read more