Local Plays Written, Directed and Acted by Cary Artists

Cary, NC – It is often hard to find the time to go see a play, let alone more than one. But an upcoming production will let audiences see eight plays in one night for free, all specially selected to inspire and engage with crowds. Read more

Together on Center Stage Shows Us The Real ME

Story and photos by Lindsey Chester.

Cary, NC – Do you ever wish people could know the real ME behind the facade we wear around everyday? Now imagine if you are a person with disabilities.  Alan Rosen and his theater group TOCS have a new show that explores the real “me” inside us all. Read more

Art & Faith: Funding a Trip to India

Cary, NC- When your kids have a passion, you will do anything to help. Kate Cook’s children, Grace and Stuart, want to help orphans in faraway India through a program called Global Hope. Kate is hosting a juried art exhibit to raise the needed funds. Read more