Night Photography: Lochmere Christmas Flotilla

Story and photos by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Last month, I wrote about taking pictures during “Magic Hour” – the time just after sunset when everything looks golden and lovely.

The Lochmere Christmas Flotilla this past weekend presented the challenge of photographing at night, when it was truly dark.

Herewith, a few tips and tricks for photographing at night. Read more

Lochmere’s 6th Annual Christmas Flotilla

Story by Matt Young. Photos courtesy of the Ritter Family.

Cary, NC – One of Cary’s most unique traditions is the Lochmere Christmas Flotilla, started by Former Mayor Harold Ritter in 2005. It’s this Sunday night and we’ll tell you where to go to watch. Read more

Letters: Please Don’t Supersize Me

Cary, NC – On Thursday June 30 the Town Council will vote on rezoning case 10-REZ-12 to allow another unplanned high density multi-family development in Lochmere. As many citizens, particularly those in SE Cary, are well aware, Lochmere is nearly built out and this infill parcel has become attractive to the investment community. If approved, this current rezoning request will allow 206 units on 9 usable acres. Read more