Cary Parks #7: Heater Park

Part 7 in our Cary Parks Series.

Cary, NC — As one of Cary’s two open-space parks, Heater Park provides a more subdued experience than can be found at most of the Town’s other offerings. In fact, it is easy to mistake Heater Park as an undeveloped lot of land in a quiet, downtown neighborhood. The long tract of lush landscape consumes but a mere 1.5 acres, yet it has much to offer for town citizens.

Heater Park

While the park is missing the typically ubiquitous playground, the open, grassy field provides entertainment of other varieties. By coming prepared with a Frisbee, ball or picnic, it is easy to make an afternoon out a visit to this small park. However, do come fully prepared, as the park offers little more than a picnic table and benches for the comfort of guests.

Many downtown residents live only a short walk away, making Heater Park a great destination for those who want to spread out a bit and escape the confines of their own yard.

About R.O. Heater

R.O. Heater (1894-1971) was “Mr. Cary” during the middle of the last century, promoting the town and investing in the community with relentless energy.

Heater was a member of the town board, a leader in the Methodist church and a master of the Masonic Lodge, according to Around and About Cary. He was also a Wake County Commissioner from 1946-1954, the last four years as board chairman.

Oasis of Wildlife

Nature lovers will naturally find Heater Park to be a pleasant destination. Wildlife flourishes amongst the large trees, stream and grassy fields.

Take time to relax on one of the benches and bird watch, or bring the kids to explore the creek. Note that the creek is shallow yet has steep banks in areas, so employ a watchful eye with the little ones around.

The abundant greenery creates a fairly robust canopy overhead, offering relief from the sun on hot days.

A Different Experience

Although not the most equipped or expansive park in Cary, Heater Park is an example of why our park system here is so great: diversity. The small size and spartan surroundings present guests with a much different experience than the town’s most popular parks including Bond Park and Marla Dorrel Park.

Pay Heater Park a visit and you will likely agree that this verdant gem has a special place in our town.

Inventory / Facilities

  • Picnic tables
  • Benches

Parking: street


Heater Park
400 South West Street
Cary, NC 27511


Story and photos by Zach Hayes. Read more in our Cary Parks series.