Town Looking for Historic Plans

Story by Lindsey Chester. Illustration by Jerry Miller.

Cary,NC – Are you a long time Cary resident? By that I mean, have you lived here longer than 30 years? If so you may have some documents that could be of interest to the Town of Cary and the Friends of Page-Walker.

The Friends of Page-Walker Preservation Committee, in partnership with the Town of Cary, is hunting for plans and architectural drawings of subdivisions and homes from the 1950’s and 1960’s. That’s a time when Cary counted our residents at less than 10,000!

In particular they seek plans drawn by the hand of long time resident Jerry Miller (story). Miller is known to have designed homes in the Greenwood, Pine Valley and Meadowmont subdivisions, among others.

Town Funded Project

These plans and drawings will become part of the inventory collected for the Town of Cary-funded Historic Resources Survey and Inventory Update project. Thirty thousand dollars has been allocated to complete this project.

The project goals are to 1) update information about Cary properties listed in the existing Wake County Architectural and Historic Inventory, and 2) add additional Cary properties to the Inventory by surveying and identifying important properties throughout the town that are over 50 years old and have never been documented.

Basically, the Preservation Committee is looking to identify properties that may be of historical or architectural importance. These will be added to the Town’s Historic Preservation Master Plan which provides a road map for preservation policies and activities over the next 10 years through a series of goals, objectives and recommended actions.

The project began in August 2011 and will be completed in late spring of 2012. The Town has retained Circa, Inc., a Raleigh cultural resources consulting firm, to perform the survey and inventory update.

Who to Contact

Citizens who have or know about the requested plans and drawings can contact:

Ellen Turco at Circa, Inc. at
(919) 219-1489

Now, go search through your attics and closets to see if you possess any of these antique treasures!

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  1. Lisa Englert
    Lisa Englert says:

    On behalf of the Friends of the Page-Walker Hotel, the Town of Cary and Circa, Inc., thanks so much for publishing our request for these historic architectural plans and drawings.

    CaryCitizen does such an exemplary job of covering news that’s relative to Cary; the Friends are most grateful for your continued your support! We look forward to sharing with CaryCitizen all of our exciting activities and events in the New Year. :)

    Lisa Englert
    Board Member/PR Committee Chair
    Friends of the Page-Walker Hotel

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