Pictorial: Saturday in Cary

Story and photos by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Saturday was blazingly sunny in Cary, North Carolina. I pulled out the camera for the opening of Cary’s two farmers markets and the first-ever Easter Bonnet Festival at Waverly Place.

Western Wake Farmers Market Opens

Big crowds and lots of vendors heralded the opening of the Western Wake Farmers Market in Carpenter Village on Saturday.

People were fairly streaming out of the surrounding neighborhood at 9:30 in the morning.

The first attraction was an exhibition of chickens. Live ones, not the kind on a plate. If you are a chicken devotee (in the backyard or on the plate), considering buying a CaryCitizen Chicken t-shirt.

Within the market itself, there was a stupendous assortment of things to buy – fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, meat, plants, flowers, soaps, even dog treats. I bought locally grown honey for my 12 year old who has pollen allergies.

As I left WWFM, there was a low-key Easter Egg Hunt. A few dozen kids all rushed onto the field, then just kind of moseyed around searching for eggs. It was a nice change from the massive crowds that turn out for the Town’s hunt in Bond Park.

Downtown Cary Farmers Market Opens

Also on Saturday morning, I visited the return of the Downtown Cary Farmers Market.

This year, the market has a new home on Academy Street in from of the Carying Place, diagonally across from First Baptist Church.

Fresh strawberries were seeing brisk sales. Lettuce was in season and japanese maples were on offer. The Heart of Cary Association had a booth and so did the Downtown Cary Childrens Museum.

Waverly’s Easter Bonnet Festival

My final stop on Saturday was the first ever Easter Bonnet and Hat Festival at Waverly Place.

The Easter bunny was there and lots of kids and adults all dressed up in their Easter finery. A DJ was rocking the Promenade and Waverly merchants were handing out tasty treats and samples.

It was a good Saturday in Cary.