Cary Parks #9: Davis Drive Park

Part 9 in the Cary Parks series.

Cary, NC – For the soccer lovers in Cary (and there are many), Davis Drive Park is a familiar destination. Rarely during daylight hours are one of the four soccer fields unoccupied. But there’s more to this park than just soccer.

Davis Drive Park – A Haven for Soccer Players

As part of the CASL system, regularly scheduled clinics, practices, and games are held at Davis Drive Park. Between officially sanctioned events, the park attracts all ages for soccer pick-up games as well as to enjoy the other amenities provided by the town.

Parking and Biking

With the aforementioned four fields hosting CASL events, Davis Drive Park can be a busy place at times.

The town planned well and provided three separate parking lots to accommodate both participants and spectators. A sidewalk next to one of the parking lots connects to the main parking area at Pleasant Grove Church, providing overflow parking during non-church hours.

Bike racks are available for those who prefer to travel on two wheels.

On the Greenway

The park is situated along the five mile White Oak Greenway, connecting it with Bond Park to the east and Green Level Church Road to the west. A walking trail surrounds most of the park, and there are two, smaller greenway trails across the street in the Park Village neighborhood, providing miles of pavement for walkers, runners, and bikers.


The center of Davis Drive Park consists of a large shelter, playground, and basketball court. The shelter is available for rent through the Town of Cary, offering restrooms, a water fountain, and seating for up to 30 people.

A cement slab basketball court is nearby, conveniently located near the water fountains.

The mulched playground is fairly large and well equipped, including a jungle gym, six swings, and a sandbox.

Built in the sandbox is a unique train structure for children to play on (pictured at the top), a monument to the train tracks that lie roughly 100 feet to the east.

A Popular Destination

Given its accessible location and abundance of amenities, Davis Drive Park is a popular destination for park goers in Cary. Soccer enthusiasts will find the acres of grass welcoming as will those with children looking for a shady playground to explore. Take advantage of the warm spring this year and make use of the many great facilities at Davis Drive Park.


Davis Drive Park
1610 Davis Drive
Cary, NC 27523
Map link


Story by Zach Hayes. Photos by Zach Hayes and Hal Goodtree. Read more in the Cary Parks series.

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  1. Owen
    Owen says:

    DD Park is a nice one that is hopefully about to get better. On the bond issue up for a vote this November is a major improvement to this park: two tunnels that will carry the White Oak Creek greenway under Davis Drive connecting to Davis Drive Middle and beyond, and under the CSX railroad connecting to Macarthur Drive and beyond to Bond Lake. I will get a lot more use out of this park when it is connected directly to my neighborhood with a greenway!

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