Michelle Obama Surprises Super Skippers

Story by Lindsey Chester. Photo courtesy of ABC.

Cary, NC- Our very own Cary YMCA SupperSkippers appeared today (Monday June 18) on Live! with Kelly which airs on WABC-New York and were surprised when First Lady Michelle Obama joined them on stage for a special cameo appearance.

First Lady Jumps with Cary Super Skippers

The Kelly show booked the Cary Y Super Skippers and taped this weeks’ show back on May 30. The team knew there was a second special guest but were not told who that guest would be. The second guest was reported to be an expert jump roper.

“We have an expert Double Dutcher in the building,” host Kelly Ripa said as Michelle Obama appeared before the cheering audience. The kids showed Kelly how to double dutch, and then Mrs. Obama jumped in and demonstrated the double dutch skills that she learned as a girl in Chicago.

Get Healthy, Get Fit

Michelle Obama is taping a series of six segments with co-hosts Kelly Ripa and Bryant Gumble on the daily ABC  morning show. During the series the First Lady shares stories from her first trip to meet her husband’s grandmother; weighs in on the challenges of raising two daughters in the White House and in the public eye; discusses teenagers and cell phones, from the parental perspective; and stresses the importance of healthy eating, especially for kids.

The Super Skippers were part of the “Healthy” theme that the First Lady promotes, advocating exercise and healthful eating.

A Sensation at the Y

Our pubisher happened to be at the Cary Y when the segment aired this morning.

“It was a sensation,” Y member and CaryCitizen Publisher Hal Goodtree said. “Everything stopped, everyone was gathered around the TVs.”

At first, the kids looked hesitant turning the ropes for the First Lady. “Turn faster,” she leaned close and said to one of the Cary kids. They picked up the pace and Mrs. Obama jumped in, dancing between the ropes like a pro.

The story was also reported on the NY Daily News.

Super Skippers

Founded in 1994, the SuperSkippers are a competition jump rope  team, dedicated to promoting physical fitness through jump rope as a lifetime sport and fostering confidence, discipline, responsibility and leadership.

Located in Cary, NC, the team competes in regional, national, and international competitions throughout the year.  They have won dozens of national medals in the USA Jump Rope and AAU Nationals, and took home 6 medals and the overall gold in the 2006 Worlds competition. Most recently, the team tied for Second Place overall at the 2011 USA Jump Rope Nationals.

The Cary YMCA SuperSkippers are coached by Gary Anderson.


Here’s the link to SuperSkippers segment:


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  1. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    I saw the episode today and the Cary Superskippers were WONDERFUL! (Also, so personable and extremely polite.) I was so proud that our area was represented in such a good light–they are to be commended! Mrs. Obama was a champ too.

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