Downtown: HoCA Gets New Board

Cary, NC – Last night, the Heart of Cary Association (HoCA) elected a new board and officers.

HoCA Gets New Board

According to a press release from HoCA, the new slate of leaders includes:

  • Joy Pike – Chairman of the Board
  • Carroll Ogle – Vice-Chairman of the Board
  • Scott Korbin – Board Treasurer
  • Glenda Westbrook-Neilsen – Board Secretary
  • Terry ‘Doc’ Thorne – President
  • Lauren Schafer – Vice-President
  • Alison Kim-Perry – Secretary

Additionally, the Board and officers said good-bye with “heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation” to retiring Board members Lisa Frantz and Keith Bliss.

Join HoCA

The succession of leadership shows a dynamic organization of growing clout.

If you are interested in Downtown Cary, email Doc Thorne about membership in HoCA.

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Photo by Hal Goodtree. L->R: Dan Pike, Joy Pike, Doc Thorne, Andrew Schafer.