Pictures: Bradford Takes Shape


Photo essay by Hal Goodtree.

Cary, NC – Just recently, I took the opportunity to photograph what’s going on at Bradford, a development rising on the northeast corner of Davis and High House.

The Bradford Rises

A few weeks ago, I filed a photo story about SearStone, currently under development on the southeast corner. Now, the big machines are in full swing across the street as well.

Like SearStone, Bradford will be a mixed use development – luxury apartments, shops and dining. Rumors of a Publix supermarket have yet to be confirmed.

See the location on a map.


bradford-cary-nc-2 bradford-cary-nc-3 bradford-cary-nc-4 bradford-cary-nc-5 bradford-cary-nc-6


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  1. Bernie
    Bernie says:

    Publix Greenwise is a nice store, but it is still a conventional grocery store. Harris Teeter offers organic products too, but that in it of itself does not make them an unconventional grocery store……unlike Whole Foods which is all natural and organic.

  2. Bernie
    Bernie says:

    I thought the approval specifically state that conventional grocery stores were prohibited? What is so different about Publix compared to Harris Teeter and Lowe’s. Now Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Fresh Market would seem to be non-conventional, but Publix? Who are they kidding?

  3. Gary in Cary, NC
    Gary in Cary, NC says:

    Update on The Bradford…

    Right across the street I see the 3rd PDQ restaurant in the area going up!
    9025 Winston Hill Drive

    Just wish the whole intersection was more pedestrian-friendly, especially with all the seniors moving in at same corner, soon!
    The “right-on-red” folks in talking on the phones really coast through!

    Trust me, I walk and bicycle the area. WEAR BRIGHT CLOTHES.

    Needed: all the current/future business on all 4 corners to chip in for a pedestrian bridge(s), at this new geographic center of Cary.

    Yep, I walk a lot and live in the geographic center between the two McDonalds.

    BTW, McDonalds health tips: ask them to click the “no regular bun” on your next sandwich order to save some carbs! They put it al on a plate, served with usual plastic silverware.

    Fruit-yogurt parfait
    Sugar-free vanilla iced coffee

  4. Bob
    Bob says:

    If Publix opens in Bradford, you have to wonder if Lowe’s Foods days are numbered across the street. Maybe Ace Hardware can find some space also. A good bagel shop would be nice.

  5. Brent
    Brent says:

    …and according to Harold’s Blog, published elsewhere on this site, communities will have no say in (residential) developments in the future, if a bill in the state legislature passes. Even less local differentiation will occur because the developers will get to decide the appearance of residential developments, with no enforceable community standards.

  6. levitra generico
    levitra generico says:

    Take away one’s GPS and set them down in the middle of any of these uncreative development efforts and I venture noone would have any idea where they are. My point being, sadly, Bradford looks like every other mixed use development up and down the Eastern seaboard…

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