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Cary Bicycle Survey: The $1 Million Dollar Question

bicycle survey cary ncCary, NC – Last autumn, voters in Cary approved a Transportation Bond that included $1 million for bicycle facilities and programs. Now, the Town wants to know how you think we should spend the money.

Cary Bicycle Survey: The $1 Million Dollar Question

From Town of Cary:

Cary residents voted to approve the purchase of Community Investment Bonds for Transportation. The bonds were supported by 70% of voters and included $1 million for improving bicycle facilities and programs. The Town of Cary is seeking your input into how and where we invest these bicycle funds.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Proposals – Map

The Town has issued a map of potential bike facilities and sidewalk projects. The dotted pink lines show the new routes.


Take the Bicycle Survey

You, CaryCitizen readers, can help determine how the bond money for bicycle improvements is spent.

The survey is 16 short questions, including (paraphrased):

  • How often and where do you use your bike?
  • Should the Town develop a Bike/Hike app for mobile phones?
  • Where should we install bike detection devices at intersections along key bicycle routes?
  • What roads need bike lanes?
  • What facilities need more bicycle parking?

You don’t have to give any personal information, but you can get follow up notifications if you do. Simple.

It’s your money – decide how it is spent. Take the Bicycle Survey.

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 Story by Hal Goodtree from a reader tip. Photo by Salim Virji.

3 replies
  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Well, we are well in 2015 and I havent seen anything new… Harrison Av is still awful as ever been bike-unfriendly (yeah, I’m complaining about what I am interested in).
    Also, no campaigns to educate drivers have been seen in these past 2 years.

    Where did the bacon go ???

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thanks for running this story. It’s great to see the Town of Cary asking for input from the people of Cary for this project.

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