Mother’s Day Recipes for Guys


Cary, NC — Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday (May 11, 2014). For many dudes, this represents a significant cooking challenge. Fear not – we have a few of our favorite guy-tested recipes to ease the anxiety.

Guy-Tested Mother’s Day Recipes

Sure, some guys can cook. But for a lot of men, cooking is confined to the grill or making a bowl of cereal. You know who you are.

The recipes we’ve chosen for Mother’s Day are generally pretty straight forward – good ingredients, simply prepared. Many of them on the grill.

BTW – we have over 80 original recipes on CaryCitizen. Check them out for additional inspiration.

Lamb Chops on the Grill for Mother’s Day

This was our featured recipe for Mother’s Day last year and it’s worth repeating. It’s an easy recipe that will make Mom (or the mother of your children) say “he’s thinking outside the box.”

Tuna Kabobs on the Grill

Another easy recipe built around a quality ingredient (fresh chunks of tuna), marinade and fire. You can do it, guys!

Marinade in a Ziplock

I always use a gallon ziplock bag to marinade stuff. Push the air out before sealing and the marinade completely covers the meat, veggies or fish. Yes, you can (and should) marinate vegetables before grilling, even if it’s just oil and vinegar.

Fish Tacos

You can cook the tuna kabobs and veggies on a skewer, but serve them with tacos or tortillas. Salsa or guacamole is a good addition.

Roasted Corn on the Grill

One of most popular recipes of all time is Roasted Corn on the Grill. You’ll need corn that’s still in the husk. Soak the corn in water for about half an hour and grill (still in the husk) for about 20 minutes, turning a few times. When the leaves start to get black, the corn’s done. Take care peeling the husks because the corn is hot as he** when it comes off the grill.

Dessert: Pick Some Strawberries with the Kids

Yep, it’s Dads who pick up the slack on Mother’s Day (as Moms do on Father’s Day). The kids, you can barely get them to make a card.

This Mother’s Day, take the game to your chillins. Load them in the back of your car and tell them they are going to pick strawberries for dessert on Mother’s Day.

It’s been a weird weather spring – wet and cold – that has messed with farmers and the produce season. But, according to their website, DJ’s Berry Patch started U-Pick strawberries on May 3rd. I’ve seen people in the fields driving past on Davis Drive.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, but I’d organize the picking expedition for Friday afternoon or first-thing Saturday morning.

Serve the fresh picked strawberries with Mom’s favorite ice cream.


Story by Hal Goodtree. Picture by Ho John Lee.

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  1. Cynthia P. Barnett
    Cynthia P. Barnett says:

    These ideas are great—I’m sending them over to my husband (hint, hint). The details you share make this idiot proof, although my husband is a VERY SMART MAN.

    I like the way you involve the whole family with the berry picking bit.
    In fact, the whole piece is good enough to tweet…and eat!

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