Murder, Manhunt & Arrest


Cary, NC — On August 22, Friday night, Cary experienced its fourth murder this year. By Sunday, a suspect was in custody.


At 11 p.m Friday night, police responded to several phone calls that reported a gun shot at Hyde Park Court Apartments. Upon arrival, officers found Wendy Johnson of Sanford suffering from a gun shot wound.

She was taken to Duke University Hospital but did not survive.



On Saturday, the Town of Cary obtained a warrant for the arrest of Daniel Scott Remington, 36, a Cary resident. Following its issue, a state-wide manhunt began.


By Sunday morning, the hunt was over. According to Town of Cary:

Remington’s “quick capture is thanks to attentive local law enforcement in Fayetteville, North Carolina who spotted Remington’s vehicle and subsequently located him. Now in custody by Cary Police, Remington faces charges for the crime of Murder, a Class A felony in North Carolina.”

Remington could face the death penalty or life imprisonment with no parole if convicted of the crime.


Story by Matthew Posek.