Freezing Rain Tonight in Cary


Cary, NC — The town has started preparing for the freezing rain and wintry weather conditions expected to reach Cary tonight and continue through most of tomorrow. reports that freezing rain and icy conditions are set to hit the Triangle this evening. 

Wintry Weather & Freezing Rain Tonight

Based on’s hourly weather tracker, temperatures around 33 degrees will accompany the start of freezing rain around 9 pm tonight on Tuesday, January 13, 2015. The freezing rain will continue to fall all night, and temperatures are expected to hover in the low 30s, reaching 29 degrees by 8 am on Wednesday morning.

…And Tomorrow

The freezing rain will continue into tomorrow (Wednesday) morning but is expected to cease around noon. Drizzle, cloudy skies, and temperatures ranging from 30-36 degrees will continue for the rest of the day.

Will it snow? Perhaps, but meteorologists are more concerned about icy conditions and dangerous roads. As of now, there is only a 30 percent chance for snow, while there is a 50 percent chance for ice.

Cary Prepares “Snow Command”

This forecast has encouraged the Town of Cary to employ their “Snow Command” for the first time this season. This team includes 30 individuals, 12 spreaders, and five chainsaw crews. Cary is also prepared with 800 pounds of pure salt and 2,500 tons of of salt/sand mix to keep streets clear of ice.

Cary has 723 linear miles of street–544 of which are located in subdivisions. If wintry weather materializes, primary roads will be treated before residential areas and public parking lots.

Public Works Director Scott Hecht states:

We’re playing the waiting game right now, shooting the road temperatures hourly and getting equipment prepared for an overnight event. While we’re planning for a minor ice, we have the capability to meet the demands of this storm should it intensify.

Watch for Cancellations and Delays

Smaller counties have already announced school delays for Wednesday morning, but Wake County is undecided as of 4 pm on Tuesday afternoon. Monitor to keep track of school and workplace delays or cancellations.

Stay warm, Cary!

Sunny Skies Ahead

The sun will reappear and temperatures will reach into the 50s on Friday–just in time for the weekend. As if to make up for the ice and chilly weather, Sunday could see a high of 61 degrees with clear, sunny skies.


Story by Jessica Patrick. Photo by Hal Goodtree.