Google Picks the Triangle for Fiber


Cary, NC – What would you do if your internet were 100 faster? Start thinking about that question, because Google has chosen the Triangle for its next rollout of Google Fiber and Cary is on the list to get gigabit internet.

Triangle Gets Google Fiber

The Mountain View, California tech giant announced today that the Triangle was among four metropolitan areas selected for the next rollout of Google Fiber. Other metros chosen include Charlotte, Atlanta and Nashville. Google already has Fiber up and running in Kansas City, Provo and Austin.

Cities not selected in this round include Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Antonio and San Jose.

Who’s In

Here are the Triangle communities Google has designated for Fiber:

  • Carrboro
  • Cary
  • Chapel Hill
  • Durham
  • Garner
  • Morrisville
  • Raleigh

Other Triangle communities including Apex and Wake Forest will have to wait or hope for better offerings from current providers.


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What Is Google Fiber?

Google Fiber delivers 1 gigabit internet to the home. That’s about 100 times faster than the 10 megabits most broadband customers in the U.S. currently enjoy.

What’s Next?

Google has not announced a timetable for Triangle rollout, but you can sign up for announcements right now:

From previous Fiber rollouts, expect the Triangle network to grow street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood. Your friend may get it in a few months but you might have to wait two years.

Stay tuned to this space for more on the Cary rollout of Google Fiber.



Story from staff reports. Photo from Google Fiber.

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  1. levitra generico
    levitra generico says:

    Excuse me for not getting excited about this ‘news’, but before I join the thousands applauding I want to know ‘who benefits’ more from Google internet coming to Cary, Google or its customers?

    In the late 80’s early 90’s I was part of the Town’s Cable Television Commission which applauded then allowed Cablevision (the forerunner of TW) a (then) exclusive monopoly to provide cable TV and other future services to our town. Who benefitted with this ‘deal’ is now–25-years later–clearly visible, as I write yet another monthly near $200 payment for TW’s bundled services; a monthly cost that seems to inch up from bill to bill while not providing a second’s better service to customers. High speed? Ha! My high-speed internet courtesy of TW takes as long to upload or for the browser to lock-in on a site as it did in the earlier days of dial-up. Not to mention the misinformation their ‘customer service’ folks feed customers when trying to understand why the advertised cost to new TW customers is one-third the cost as the same service to existing long-term customers.

    So Google says, as Cablevision/TW has said, they can do it faster and cheaper… I sense a sales pitch, so I intend to wait and see what they actually deliver and at what cost before I get too overly excited about Google’s news.

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