More Snow in Cary on Wednesday?


Cary, NC — Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your regular life, we may get more snow in Cary on Wednesday night into early Thursday morning.

More Snow Mid Week?

A series of storms are working their way across Texas and into the South. A storm tonight is expected to bring ice to Birmingham and more snow to Arkansas and Tennessee.

On Wednesday, the bad weather continues across the South. In Cary, we may get 1-3″ of snow starting around 10 PM and continuing until about 5 AM on Thursday, according to AccuWeather. is predicting 3-5″ of snow in Cary over Wednesday night into Thursday.

Wednesday Weather

The day will start out mild, with temps in the 40°s. But clouds in the afternoon will bring falling temperatures and snow in the evening.

Looking Ahead

Highs during the rest of the week will be above freezing, so the snow (if it comes) won’t stick around for too long. Make those Snow Creams on Thursday morning before it’s too late.

Next week, Monday may see a high of 68°F.

In the meantime, keep a sweater and those Wellies handy.


Photo by Hal Goodtree.