Park Place

A Look Inside Park Place

Morrisville, NC — Here’s your guide to the 25 businesses located inside Morrisville’s Park Place shopping center.

Your Guide to Cary Shopping Centers

Even if you visit the same shopping center every week, do you know every store, restaurant or service that’s in it? It’s not something that most pay attention to. That’s why we started our series of Cary Shopping Centers – we’re visiting both well-known shopping centers and “hidden treasures” in Cary and Morrisville to find out everything that’s in them.

Park Place

When I hear “Park Place,” I immediately think of the Carmike Theater you’ll find inside this medium-sized shopping center at the corner of Cary Parkway and Chapel Hill Road (in Morrisville territory). Park Place is also the name of the shopping center, and, while it looks and feels quite different from the hustle and bustle of Park West Village across the street, there are some distinct businesses and local treasures in it that you’d probably like to know about.


Most of the restaurants inside Park Place are lunchtime-friendly – you can get in and out of them fairly quickly. There’s Eastern China, a take-out or eat-in restaurant, and Alpaca, a Peruvian restaurant that features specially-marinated chicken served with traditional South American sides like plantains and black beans.

You’ll also find a Wendy’s and a Los Tres Magueyes surrounding the shopping center. The Los Tres Magueyes is a full-service, sit-down restaurant, but I’ve found that meals there come out very quickly during lunchtime. Another quick option for lunch is Amante, which is located right in the middle of the strip. At lunchtime, you can get a personal pizza that’s made fresh to order with one topping you pick and served with a drink for $7.50. Of course, dinner is served at all these, too.

Park Place

We visited Bawarchi Biryani Point, an Indian restaurant, the day it opened. This restaurant has a whole menu of tasty appetizers, drinks, entrees and desserts, and the dining room is small and elegantly designed – it’s a beautiful place for a date night. You won’t believe the restaurant is adjoined to Spices Hut, a large supermarket (see supermarkets).

There’s also Danny’s BBQ, where you can enjoy BBQ and chicken combinations with southern sides and desserts.


Goody Box Cupcakes is the place for sweets in Park Place – they offer 10 varieties of cupcakes made in-store daily along with cookies and drinks like milk and soda. You can order customized cupcakes and cakes there, too.


Nails, eyebrows and hair – it’s all in Park Place. A Mina’s Brows & Spa, a VIP Nails and a Super Cuts are all in the strip.


A Food Lion serves customers at this busy intersection along with a relatively new Indian supermarket. Spices Hut is a large Indian grocery store in one of Park Place’s outparcels. It’s fully-stocked with produce, meats, frozen foods, dry foods and even CDs and movies. There’s a wonderful restaurant (see dining) attached to the market, too.

Park Place


You’ll find a Stein Mart, known for clothing, accessories, home decorations and discount designer finds in Park Place along with one of the best Dollar Tree stores in the area. Why is it such a great Dollar Tree? It’s large and an easy place to find little gadgets or items you might need – the wrapping section is particularly useful around the holidays.

We love Ivy Cottage Collections, a beautiful gift shop that also offers design services and sells decorations and furnishings for your home. Ivy Cottage stands on its own at one corner of the shopping center and faces Cary Parkway.


A big movie theater was built across the street from Carmike Park Place 16 when Park West Village joined the intersection, but this older theater still offers the same just-released movies as its newer neighbor.

Park Place

Other Services

There are a lot of businesses in Park Place – many more than I thought there would be! Here are the remaining services:

  • Cleaners & Tailors
  • Qwik Pack & Ship
  • State Farm
  • Kumon Learning Center
  • Meineke Total Car Care
  • Radioshack
  • AAA Insurance & Car Care
  • Gas Station

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Story and photos by Jessica Patrick.

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