Snow & Ice in Cary: Updates

Cary, NC — Wake County Public Schools were canceled early yesterday evening long before any precipitation had started to fall. It was the right move, though, because a wintry mix of snow and ice started to fall and cover the roads early this morning.

Road Conditions

The roads are very slick this morning, so the DOT is asking everyone to stay home who can. I watched my neighbor scrape ice off of his car, let it warm up and start to drive down the road only to turn around and drive back home.


According to WRAL, the high today won’t get above 31 degrees. When you combine that with a forecast that predicts snow and freezing rain falling all day, it makes sense that people in the Triangle are being asked to stay home.

Weather Forecast

WRAL predicts that we’ll see snow and sleet this morning that will turn to mostly freezing rain and sleet into the afternoon. A winter storm warning is in effect until 6 pm on Saturday, and weather officials are predicting that this will be an ice storm.

Hour-by-hour forecast for Cary from WRAL.

Hour-by-hour forecast for Friday from WRAL.

Those of us who want snow for the weekend might be happy to hear that the freezing rain could turn back into snow Friday evening and continue until Saturday and Saturday morning. The snow is expected to taper off by Saturday evening when the winter storm warning ends.

Cary Prepares for Snow

Cary’s 739 miles of streets, including subdivisions and bridges, have already been brined by a crew of about 300 people. Cary’s “Snow Command” team is prepared to tackle the snow with 900 tons of pure salt, 2,500 tons of salt/sand mix, 53 snow plows and 19 plow/spreaders.

If roads reach one inch of accumulation, Snow Command will start to spread/plow thoroughfares first and continue to treat primary streets within subdivisions, through-streets in subdivisions and cul-de-sacs. The Town does not treat private parking lots, including those in apartment and condominium complexes or at businesses and commercial centers.

Clear by Monday?

The high likely won’t rise above freezing until Sunday, when temperatures are predicted to reach 40 with sunny skies. By Monday, the high will rise to 49.

Share Your Snow Pictures

Email your snow pictures to this weekend, and you might see them on Monday. Stay warm, Cary!

Story and photo by Jessica Patrick.

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  1. Dan
    Dan says:

    Drove from Cary to downtown Raleigh this morning. Made a couple stops along the way (gas, a biscuit, Trader Joes). Your subdivisions/cul de sacs, etc probably have the worse conditions. Saw no accidents, no cars off the road, didn’t slip once. Thanks to all the public employees who are working hard to make it safe.

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