Cary Seniors Win Big at County Games

Cary, NC – At most sporting events, parents and grandparents cheer on their children. But the roles were reversed when members of Cary’s SearStone Retirement Community competed in the Wake County Senior Games.

Holding Medals High

SearStone residents competed Tuesday, May 10, 2016 in the Wake County Senior Games and Silver Arts competition, winning a total of 27 gold, silver and bronze medals. This is the second year SearStone has competed in the games and brought out more participants than last year, with 23 seniors representing the community.

The Senior Games are made up of a variety of competitions, from traditional athletics such as softball and tennis to games of skill such as bowling and billiards. On the Silver Arts side, participants also compete in activities such as knitting, painting, singing and poetry.


Competitors are matched up by age range and Mark Johnson, SearStone’s wellness director, said it is a good way to stay active mentally and physically.

“SearStone residents enjoyed the competition and, of course, winning medals, but the best part of the event was making new friends from other areas in Wake County,” Johnson said.

Victories in the county games are not the end of the road in the competition, as many SearStone residents are also planning to challenge seniors from around North Carolina in the State Games. The State Games run through late August into October.

Seniors who qualify in the State Games can also participate in the national games, held in Birmingham, Ala. in 2017.

Story by staff reports. Photo courtesy of SearStone.