Cary’s Status After Hurricane Matthew

Cary, NC – Powerful winds and as many as 18 inches of rain in some parts of North Carolina have left the state dazed in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. While Cary was not hit as badly as some parts of the state, there is still significant damage to the town.

Impact on Cary

While there have not been any deaths reported from Hurricane Matthew in Wake County, so far 10 people have been confirmed dead in North Carolina as a result of the hurricane with several people still missing. These casualties were largely due to flooding roads where multiple water rescues had to be carried out.

The Raleigh area, including Cary, got eight inches of rainfall during Hurricane Matthew and strong winds that resulted in trees being knocked down, blocking some roads and cutting off power to many neighborhoods. The town estimates more than 60 trees in Cary fell down.

The Town also put out a list of streets that are closed.


A map of the area by Duke Energy says more than 2000 customers are without power while the latest blog post from Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht said one-fourth of the area was without power as a result of Hurricane Matthew. Duke Energy said Sunday it could take up to a week to get electricity back to all homes and some of its infrastructure will have to be rebuilt.

All downed power lines should be treated as live unless told otherwise.

Heavy rain also caused a sewage overflow of roughly 14,000 gallons at the Holly Brook pump station and an overflow of close to 1,250 gallons at the South Cary Water Reclamation Facility on West Lake Road. Both have been cleaned up by town staff.


Instructions for Residents

To clean up tree and plant debris from Hurricane Matthew, make sure all individual pieces are no more than four feet long and four inches wide. Bundle them in paper bags or reusable bins with handles or tie pieces together. If you have debris that cannot be cleaned up in this fashion, contact the Town of Cary. Collections are expected to begin by the end of October. If your debris is being handled by a contractor, they will be the ones to remove it.

If there are downed trees, power lines or any other issues in your neighborhood, take a photo and text it to (919) 322-9280 for Cary’s Emergency Management and also include the address and other information.


Story by staff reports. Photos by Michael Papich.

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  1. Robert Campbell
    Robert Campbell says:

    Duke Energy’s automated system provided an update when Russel Hills have will power restored.
    That estimated is to have power restored by SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16 at midnight.

    • Mark Neill
      Mark Neill says:

      Duke Energy appears to not be providing actual per-location estimates. Their restoration estimate for anywhere that there’s an outage is Oct 16.

      • Mark Neill
        Mark Neill says:

        And I’m apparently wrong. Yay.

        On Duke’s map, if you can zoom in close enough to get the markers for individual outages or outage areas (areas that get outlined in blue or green and shaded), most of the ones in the southern part of the Cary Parkway loop are now dated Oct 13th.

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