Morrisville Named Best Place to Live in NC, Fifth Best Nationally

Morrisville, NC – Morrisville has been steadily building its reputation over the years. That work appears to have paid off, with Morrisville named as the best place to live in North Carolina according to a new neighborhood data ranking.

Top Ranking Town

Morrisville got its distinction from Niche, a website that tabulates data to advise readers on neighborhoods and schools around the country. In this report, Morrisville was named the best place to live in North Carolina, ahead of Cary at #2 and Chapel Hill at #3, and the fifth best place to live in the United States.

In the report, Morrisville scored an A+ in four of Niche’s top categories: public schools, jobs, diversity and “good for families.” The other top ranking national cities also scored an A+ in several of these areas, though none performed as well in diversity as Morrisville. The Niche study ranked diversity in terms of both ethnic and economic diversity of residents.

“We are honored to be recognized as the best place to live in North Carolina, as well as fifth in the nation,” said Martha Paige, Morrisville’s town manager. “This ranking shows what our residents already know: Morrisville has so much to offer and really is a great place to live.”

Other Categories

Among other categories in the study, Morrisville scored the lowest in cost of living, weather and crime and safety, scoring a B in each. For crime, Morrisville scored far lower than the national average in both violent and property crime. Also, residents surveyed by Niche – which tabulates scores by both resident rankings and data-driven assessments – largely said police in Morrisville were a visible presence and responded in a timely fashion.

Cary, which ranked as the second-best place to live in North Carolina, got the same scores in these categories and did not score lower than a B anywhere else. Cary scored 69th on the national ranking of best places to live.

Scoring #1 nationwide in the Niche study was the town of Carmel, Indiana, with a population of close to 90,000. Carmel outscored Morrisville in both housing and crime and safety.

Story by staff reports. Photos by Michael Papich and Hal Goodtree.