Lazy Daze Returns with New Location, Schedule

Cary, NC – 2016 was the Town of Cary Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival’s 40th year and the event was made bigger than ever. Now with its new location and two-day schedule are locked in, Cary’s signature local arts and crafts festival returns to Downtown Cary this weekend.

Map of 2017 Lazy Daze festival

Art of Cary’s History

Construction on Academy Street moved Lazy Daze to Town Hall Campus instead of Downtown Cary’s main road where it had been for so many years. After the event’s new location, as well as its expansion to two days, was seen as a success by the town and reportedly made the event safer to police, the change was made permanent.

While the 41st year of Lazy Daze does not have the same ring to it as the 40th year, it is no smaller and the event will bring featured painter Eric McRay to the heart of Cary as he unveils his series of Cary paintings. These four paintings will highlight cultural and historic landmarks in Cary, from the Page-Walker Hotel and the Downtown Clock to the festival’s Town Crier and one of Lazy Daze founder Jerry Miller’s dolls.

Eric McRay

“We are excited to have Eric McRay as our feature artist this year,” said Adam Bell, Festival and Events Supervisor with the Town of Cary and Lazy Daze coordinator. “His work in the Cary community with the Cary Arts Center has made Eric recognizable among Cary residents and a perfect fit for our feature artist designation this year.”

The paintings will also feature the Cary icons being encased in a heart, leading McRay to dub this his “Hearts Series.”

“My Hearts Series of paintings delivers the quick communication of an icon; a universal symbol of passion, love and zeal,” McRay said. “That thought combined with iconic symbols from Cary inspired the Cary Collection.”

Other New Things This Year

With every Lazy Daze festival, there are new presentations and activities, whether it’s new artists coming in or a presentation the Town of Cary is putting on.

This year, in addition to all the crafts made by vendors and artists at Lazy Daze, there will be a chance to see some visual projects from the North Carolina School of Arts. These will be projected in Town Council Chambers, which has a large screen at the front used during meetings. This temporary “Cary Roadshow” room will also play the 1983 Looney Tunes film “Daffy Duck’s Fantastic Island,” a parody of “Fantastic Island” with Daffy Duck in the Ricardo Montalbán role.

Also, this year will have the Sister Cities Beer Garden located on Town Hall’s courtyard. There will be seven different kinds of beer available, from Jordan Lake Brewing Co., R.A. Jeffrey’s Distributing Co. and Triangle Wine Co.

If parking is a concern for you, don’t forget there will be shuttles leaving from Green Hope High School and Cary Towne Center, plus GoCary is free to and from the festival.

Event Details

The Town of Cary Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival

Saturday and Sunday, August 26 and 27, 2017

Saturday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Sunday: 12:30 to 5 PM

Town Hall Campus, 316 N Academy St., Cary

Story by staff reports. Photos by Hal Goodtree, the Town of Cary and Eric McRay.