Hurricane Florence

Preparing for Hurricane Florence in Cary

Cary, NC – As Hurricane Florence heads toward the Southeast and North Carolina in particular, we’ve got the latest information on what this hurricane will do to the Cary area and the best tips for preparation.

Hurricane Florence

Powerful Storm

Hurricane Florence is set to make landfall this Thursday, September 13, 2018. Currently it is estimated the hurricane will hit as a Category 3 storm but as it gathers strength over the Atlantic Ocean, it could grow to Category 4.

Even before Hurricane Florence hits, storms are forecast to start Tuesday, September 11, 2018 as scattered thunderstorms and then increase to more regular intense wind and rain over the next week until dying down around Monday, September 18, 2018.

The heaviest rainfall projected is around Eastern North Carolina, with Cary getting around five to seven inches of rain. Even worse, there are some reports that the hurricane could “stall” over the coast, dumping even more water on the local area. These flood conditions, combined with estimates of winds around 50 miles per hour on Friday, could mean hazardous weather for the area. The National Hurricane Center is currently saying “there is an increasing risk of life-threatening impacts from Florence.”

Hurricane Florence

A map of projected rainfall from Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Preparedness

First things first: continue to monitor weather information to find out if you are in an evacuation area. This could mean your home is susceptible to both flooding and wind damage in the form of falling trees of debris. If you know your home is in an area where an evacuation may be likely, have your supplies ready and packed so you can evacuate quickly. And if you have pets, have a plan in place for their welfare in the event of an evacuation as well by contacting local animal shelters or veterinary clinics.

Currently, the open shelters in Wake County are:

  • Heritage High School, 1150 Forestville Road, Wake Forest – pets allowed
  • Middle Creek High School, 123 Middle Creek Park Ave., Apex
  • Sanderson High School, 5500 Dixon Drive, Raleigh

When new shelters are announced, we will update this article accordingly.

At the same time, have an emergency kit ready for yourself and your family. You will need a gallon of water per day per person, so make sure you have enough to last through to next week. Also, have non-perishable food stored and ready. Your kit should include either your phone with back-up batteries or an emergency radio for information, as well as bags and sanitation wipes to keep yourself and your environment clean. Keep tools handy for emergencies, such as duct tape, wrenches, and pliers.

And of course, have a first aid kit ready and make sure you and your family know how to use it.

You can get up-to-date information with the Ready NC app. We will be updating this article with more information, as well as information on what will happen with the various Town of Cary events this weekend.

Story by staff reports. Photos courtesy of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. Coverage on CaryCitizen is sponsored in part by Elegant Stitches in Cary.

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  1. Gary
    Gary says:

    My battery-free crystal radio kit picks up WPTF quite well!

    I feel bad for the Costco Customer Service staff’s backs having to take back all that water, next week.

    Be sure to use ethanol-free gas in the tank of your new generator, if you want it to ever start months from now.

    Old gas in tank? Add about a third-cup of SeaFoam additive. Does wonders!
    (Fireman told me about it, when I asked how they keep all their small-engine gear running)

  2. Steve
    Steve says:

    This article — — says
    If you get water from say Raleigh, Durham or another local government, you likely won’t have any issues.

    “Our water treatment facilities as well as our booster stations — which help maintain water pressure throughout the system — have backup generators, so that we can continue to provide safe drinking water to our customers,” said Kirk Butts, spokesman for Durham Water Management Department.

    Butts said even if the power in customers’ homes or businesses go off, they will still have water available for drinking, bathing or flushing the toilet.

    Will town of Cary water still work if we lose power?

    • Michael Papich
      Michael Papich says:

      Power outages will not affect water or water quality. The only thing that could impact Cary residents getting water is if the storm causes a main break and water is shut off as a result.

  3. Mia
    Mia says:

    This looks so dangerous. I hope the hurricane will lose his strengths after hit the coasts of Myrtle Beach. Actually that’s very nice place for people from around. We will see how ling will stay webcams on Myrtle Beach alive. I am sure boardwalk will be totally destructed. So Nice place it was :(((

  4. Brandy
    Brandy says:

    I hope I didn’t buy all this extra stuff for no reason. I believe we will get lots of rain and wind but nothing disastrous. We are too far inland!!

    • Tk
      Tk says:

      That’s what we thought in Orlando when Charlie came in at Punta Gorta Fl 2 hours away and it ripped right through us as a cat 3. I was on my porch as the eye went over our apartment blowing transformers all around us. Power was out for 7 days. Get gas, get batteries. Have charcoal or propane ready to grill.

    • Len Nieman
      Len Nieman says:

      Lots of rain means saturated ground and flooded roads. Lots of wind means trees in that saturated ground going over, rootball and all, taking out power lines, damaging houses and destroying cars. It also means damaged roofs, and flying debris that can injure people and damage property.

      Being inland doesn’t mean this storm isn’t dangerous.

  5. Frank Lazzaro Sr.
    Frank Lazzaro Sr. says:

    Friends Of Cary has a number of qualified volunteers available if the need arises. Please contact Frank Lazzaro 919-802-1497 or 919-694-5087.

    Thank You

    • Michael Papich
      Michael Papich says:

      In the event of an emergency, the town will open and designate shelters. At this time, none have been announced.

      • David Linhardt
        David Linhardt says:

        Let’s see… power out, phones/cell dead, how to find locations. Hopefully, radio in crushed car will still work.

    • Charles Miller
      Charles Miller says:

      LOL “… radio in crushed car…”, if it doesn’t work feel free to come by my place and help out with the smoke signals :)

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