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Spring Sports Are Almost Here: How Equipped Is Your Family?

Cary, NC – With the official start of Spring just around the corner and Cary residents seeing longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures, Spring sports season has arrived. While Cary is graced with warmer temperatures than other parts of the country, nothing can quite compare to the fresh smells of Spring and hearing the crack of a bat at the National Baseball Training Complex.

Whether you enjoy exploring one of the dozens of trails throughout Cary, are an avid geocacher or are planning on enrolling your kids in one of the youth baseball or softball programs, Spring is full of outdoor opportunities. Here are some safety tips to consider this Spring.

Know Your Boundaries

While geocaching may not be viewed as a tradition Springtime sport, it’s a popular outdoor activity in Cary. Geocaching is a family-friendly activity and is a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy the weather.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the geocaching world or have been an avid fan from the beginning, it’s always important to familiarize yourself with the rules of geocaching and stay up-to-date with any changes around Cary.

Not only is it important to stay on designated trails and knowing about your boundaries to help preserve nature in Cary, it’s also important for your own safety and well-being. Going off the beaten path isn’t always the smartest, safest or most respectful thing to do.

Get Involved

Do you have children who want to participate in one of the youth sports programs? As a parent, you can help keep your children safe in Spring sports by becoming an active participant. You might not have any ability or desire to coach, but you can offer to volunteer or see if there are other ways you can help out.

Not only does this make you more involved in your child’s life, but it’s a great opportunity to voice your concerns and to help strengthen the safety of the youth sports programs in Cary.

Inspect All Sports Equipment

Before you or your children use any sports equipment, either new or gently used, it’s important to inspect it carefully before each use. A helmet or padding can sustain minimal damage that may be difficult to see, but over time the damage can make the protective gear less effective.

If you notice that any of your gear has a crack, tear or missing pieces, don’t use it. Exchange it or buy new gear. Wearing damaged sports gear can increase your risk of an injury while participating in a sport.

Know Your Personal Limits

Once Spring arrives, it can be tempting to get outdoors and make up for a long Winter by getting a lot of exercise. Even if you stayed in shape over the Winter by working out at the gym or walking on a home treadmill, it’s important to pace yourself and know your limits.

Sports-related injuries are more likely to occur when people ignore their physical limits. While it’s always good to push yourself and create new goals and challenges, never put your physical health at risk.

As the weather warms, it’s also essential to stay hydrated, dress appropriately for the outdoor temperatures and take breaks when needed.

USA Baseball

Story by Brittany Cotton. Photos by Hal Goodtree and David Lindquist.