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Unique Cocktails for the Whole Holiday Season

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Cary, NC – This time of year is packed with different holidays and get-togethers, so mix it up with some seasonally and thematically appropriate cocktails. Here are some ideas for different holidays and occasions.

Christmas Margarita

Typically, people think of margaritas as a warm-weather drink but you can make it taste like Christmas with a few simple twists. First, you’ll take your tequila (silver tequila in this case), lime juice and triple sec, like usual. But this time, you will also add in unsweetened coconut milk. This will add a rich, seasonal body to your drink, lessen the strong citrus taste and give your margarita a bright white color for Christmas.

Use two ounces of tequila, one ounce of triple sec, but only three-quarters of an ounce of lime juice, plus two and a quarter ounces of coconut milk. You can either shake it all together and serve without ice or blend with an ounce crushed ice. Rim your glass with sanding sugar and garnish with a lime slice and cranberries.

Gelt Cocktail for Hanukah

There are many treats associated with Hanukah and chocolate gelt coins are one of the most popular. You can create your own gelt cocktail to replicate that same experience.

First, you’ll need chocolate liqueur or crème de cacao. There are lots of brands and most of these will serve you well but if you want to replicate that gelt taste, try to avoid any with dark chocolate or brands that mix in fruit flavors. Take half an ounce of chocolate liqueur and shake it with ice with two ounces of vodka, preferably a potato vodka such as Chopin.

Once you’ve shaken it and mixed it well, strain and pour into a glass. Now, for the extra gelt look, you can add in another liqueur for some gold. Most recipes will recommend Goldschlager but if you don’t feel like drinking actual gold flakes, a splash of Galliano will do and it will give your drink a light spiced taste.

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